Onam Sadya | Kerala Sadya Thali


Onam Sadya Thali – A rich and royal feast, an insanely delicious thali, nobody can say no to. With a wide variety of dishes loaded with veggies and coconut, it is a must to try Thali. The Onam sadya dishes varies region-wise within Kerala. I did not follow any specific region instead prepared the ones that my family loves. Here comes my Onam Sadya Thali. Check out the post for the individual recipes and how I prepared.

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Saravana Bhavan Style Executive Thali | Variety Rice Thali

Saravana Bhavan Style Executive Thali

I went super easy with my third thali. Today I am presenting you the Saravana Bhavan style executive thali. A South Indian executive thali consists of all variety rice with one dessert and one dry curry. Usually, the dry curry will be potato curry, and the variety rice varies each time. I have already posted a similar combo for adi perukku. We usually prepare no onion no garlic kalanda sadam or variety rice for adi perukku. But today’s variety rice doesn’t have that restriction. :-)

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Gujarati Thali

The next thali spread in this series is the Gujarati Thali. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I learnt a lot about this cuisine in Raja Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan show. Gud or Jaggery is widely used in this cuisine, but there is a reason behind that. We all know the fact that Gujarat has a dry climate. To stay hydrated people add small amount jaggery in their food. Coming to the salt and sugar combo, when the little ones are suffering from stomach ailments, the first thing we give them in our household is water with sugar and salt as it helps in hydration. I simply love the principle our ancestors followed – Food as Medicine.

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Andhra | Telangana Thali Spread

Finally here is the much-awaited post – the Andhra/Telangana Thali spread. I know I kept mentioning about the Thali spread for the past two weeks but had to wait until now.  I know, I can’t claim this spread an authentic festive spread or traditional spread because I missed some of the recipes like Kandi Podi / Paruppu Podi, Garelu / Vada, and Koora / lentil curry. But I still managed to create a not-so-elaborative spread. With Ugadi coming up in few days, I am super elated to share this.

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Mini Bengali Thali

Following the Tamil Nadu mini thali, here is the simple Bengali mini thali with a dal, dry curry, roti, and rice. I am not going to say this as traditional Bengali Thali but with two main recipes from Bengal cuisine, I thought of calling it as mini Bengali Thali. :-) For folks who want to avoid rice for dinner, this is a perfect bet. You can skip a cup of rice and add more rotis too. This platter of dal, curry, and roti makes a filling and satiating meal. And oh yeah, this is a no onion and no garlic platter. (Onions are just for the deco, ;-) ;-) )

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Mini South Indian Thali | Tamil Nadu Style Thali

Thali means plate/tray in Hindi and in the food dictionary it is the food platter with a variety of dishes. Each and every state in Indian has their own thali and if we look further, each and every family has their own Thali. This year I decided to share the day-to-day thali ideas with rice and roti, tiffin thali and also elaborate festive ones not only from our family but from other cuisines too.

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