Vegan Tofu and Tomato Curry

Vegan Tofu Tomato Curry

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Mazola® Corn Oil. All opinions are mine alone. #simpleswap #CollectiveBias

Are you looking for a light, yet delicious recipe that can be whipped up quickly? Then you are at the right place. Today I am going to share a rich and creamy curry prepared with Tofu and Tomatoes. Wondering how rich and creamy can be light? Of course, it can be if we use the right ingredients. I went with plant-based protein Tofu and also with light coconut milk and Mazola® Corn Oil.These elements make them vegan as well as better for you. A clinical study showed Mazola Corn Oil reduces cholesterol 2x more than extra virgin olive oil. To learn more about this claim, see Check out the detailed Tofu and Tomato Curry recipe with stepwise pictures.

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Aloe Vera Juice | Homemade Lemon and Ginger Flavored Aloe Vera Juice

 Aloe Vera – this succulent has a long history of being used for medicinal purposes. And today I am going to share few benefits of aloe vera as well as homemade fresh aloe vera juice recipe with the hint of lemon and ginger. To put it simple words, I am going to share lemon, and ginger flavored aloe vera juice.

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Kadarangai Gojju | Wild-Lemon Sweet and Sour Gravy

Kadarangai Gojju is a sweet and sour gravy/curry prepared with wild lemon/kadarangai. :-) It is a perfect side for rice especially yogurt rice but it can be served as a rice accompaniment too. I usually make this gojju in thick consistency making it look more like a pickle. Check out the detailed Kadarangai Gojju recipe with step by step pics below.  Jump to RecipePrint Recipe 

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Kadarangai Saadam | Wild Lemon Rice

Every day I pack lunch for my family. I am happy and proud about that. But at times it gets daunting especially when you run out of ideas and recipes. Today I am going to share a keeper lunch box recipe with a seasonal veggie/fruit. It is the Kadarangai saadam or the wild-lemon rice. It is a flavored rice prepared with wild lemon juice and tempered with spices in coconut oil.

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Instant Pot Hayagreeva Maddi | Udupi Special Hayagreeva Maddi Recipe

I wish you all a very happy and a prosperous new year. Today I am going a share a traditional Udupi dessert called Hayagreeva Maddi. It is an authentic dessert prepared with Bengal gram dal, jaggery, and ghee. To put in simple words we can call it as Channa Dal Halwa. Learn how to make this simple recipe in instant pot and also on the stove top method.  Jump to Recipe  |  Print Recipe 

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Adios 2017

Before bidding goodbye to 2017, I would like to look back as usual. Following the tradition of 2014,2015,2016, here is my retrospective post or a short recap of my blogging journey in the year of 2017. But before, I would like to thank all my readers, friends, and family for the strong support and for trying my recipes and sharing your thoughts and comments. If not for you all, I wouldn’t have been able to continue this journey for 8.5 years.

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Thavala Vadai | Mixed Lentil Fritters

Thavala Vadai – A festive special fried food prepared with mixed lentils, rice and with coconut but without any onion or garlic. Honestly, we don’t need any occasion to make this recipe. Crispy on the outside and soft inside, this vadai an anytime perfect recipe. Today I am happy to share my mom’s Thavala vadai recipe. Read further to check the detailed recipe with stepwise pictures.  Jump to Recipe 

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