Slow Cooker Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup


Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup – pretty much all the Indian restaurants have this soup in their menu. This simple yet delicious clear soup is not only kids’ delight, its pretty much everyone’s delight. In a quest to sneak in vegetables, I have tried lot of soup recipes and here is one such simple recipe which is prepared in a crockpot. This recipe can be easily prepared in a stove top also. This simple recipe can be modified in a zillion ways according to your preference.


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Slow Cooker Vegetarian Corn and Potato Chowder


Here is a simple vegetarian Crockpot Corn and Potato Chowder loaded with goodness of corn, dried thyme and oregano.  I prepared it as a low calorie stew. I didn’t use any butter or any oil and instead of adding heavy cream or half and half, I went with 2% milk.  You can even opt for fat free skim milk and I used all-purpose flour to thicken the chowder.


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Chakka Pradhaman | Vegan Jackfruit Kheer


Chakka Pradhaman – Jackfruit Kheer or Payasam is a traditional sweet delicacy from God’s own country, Kerala. I prepared this as a vegan kheer, by adding coconut milk instead of regular milk. Basically, this recipe is prepared by cooking the jackfruit pieces and then it is pureed. Then it is simmered with coconut milk and jaggery. How can this go wrong huh?


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Godhumai Payasam | Broken Wheat Kheer – Guest Post From Swapna


It’s time for guest post. This month we have Swapna from Swapna’s kitchen and she sent an apt recipe for this festive season – Godhumai Payasam or Broken Wheat Kheer. I can’t thank her enough for this wonderful recipe. When I moved my blog to WP, I started to follow quite a few (errr a lot) bloggers and Swapna’s blog is one among them. I love her blog and she has very versatile recipes. In fact her recent recipe, Choco chip muffins is in my to-do list.

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Red Radish Dry Curry | Red Radish Poriyal


This is a simple Red Radish dry curry or as we say in Tamil Sivappu Mullangi Poriyal. This is a no onion no garlic curry but with the hint of  coconut. All we need to do is steam the veggie, temper it with spices and add grated coconut. Its as simple as that. The highlight of this recipe is that these radishes are home grown. Yes, they are from my backyard. The joy of harvesting our own veggies and cooking the same is exceptional.


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No Bake Eggless Mango Cheese Cake with Agar Agar | Single Serving Cheese Cake


Following the concept No bake dessert, here is my next recipe – No Bake Eggless Mango Cheese Cake with Agar Agar. Be it summer or winter, this dazzling and opulent dessert is perfect for any special occasion. This recipe is prepared with the king of the fruits – mango and cream cheese and milk and sugar. As usual I am using Agar Agar for setting the cheese cake layer. Yes, it’s a layered dessert and here is my Single Serving two layered No Bake Mango Cheese Cake.


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Vegan Mango And Coconut Jello With Agar Agar | Woon Mamuang


Here is the gorgeous vegan no bake mango dessert – Mango Coconut Jello or Panna Cotta or Woon Moongwang (in Thai). This delicacy is prepared with Mango puree and coconut milk and of course with sugar and the jello is set using agar agar powder making it perfect for all vegetarians and vegans. This week’s BM theme is No Bake Dessert.  The moment I saw this theme, I picked it right away so as to try all the mango based desserts. I know it’s not one fruit theme, but still you will be seeing mango recipes in the coming days and weeks.


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