Thai Iced Tea


After a long time I am posting a Thai recipe. Here is the summer special cool Thai Iced Tea recipe. I prepared this Thai Tea with store bought Thai Tea mix, which I sweetened with condensed milk and sugar and topped it up with evaporated milk and with a dash of coconut milk, Usually the Thai tea is brewed first and then sweetened and just before serving the sweetened tea is added to the crushed ice and the milks are added after. I have included the video also.


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Horse Gram Dal Rasam with Home made Rasam Powder | Kollu Rasam


A soothing and comfortable rasam prepared with kollu rasam podi instead of regular rasam podi or fresh ground rasam podi. A quick and easy way to prepare this healthy kollu rasam or horsegram dal rasam is with the horsegram dal rasam powder. You can find the horse gram dal rasam podi recipe here. I posted the rasam powder recipe during the april month marathon and here is the rasam recipe using the same. This rasam can be prepared under 30 minutes similar to goddu rasam. (I am using tamarind paste so no soaking time is involved.)

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Aam Doi | Bengali Baked Mango and Yogurt Dessert


Aam Doi – Yet another popular recipe from the state of West Bengal. Mishti Doi is one of the well known sweet from Bengal which is nothing but a sweet yogurt/dahi and the yogurt fermentation process is slightly different from the regular yogurt. Here is Aam Doi – the baked mango yogurt dessert which is a variation to the mishti doi. This single serving dessert is served chill and with the mango and summer season around, isn’t it the perfect time to post this recipe?


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Vangi Bhath | Vaangi Bhaat | Brinjal Rice


Vaangi Bhaath or Vangi Bath or Vangi Bhath (go with your preferred pronunciation and spelling) is a popular recipe from Karnataka and one of my favorite. Vaangi Bhaath means fried brinjal rice. Basically you prepare the brinjal palya first (palya in Kannada means side dish or vegetable curry) and then mix the rice with it.  It’s a perfect recipe to prepare on weekdays and also perfect for lunch box or for potlucks.


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Katharikai Puli Kuzhambu With Coconut | Tangy & Spicy Brinjal Gravy


Katharikai Puli Kuzhambu | Brinjal gravy/sambar is a spicy and lip-smacking rice accompaniment prepared with tender brinjals. I know there are zillion variations  to this kuzhambu and also this kuzhambu is one of the staple and common recipe in most of the households in Tamil Nadu. This recipe is from my friend who is from Tirunelveli.  The fresh ground masala adds more flavor to this yummy kuzhambu.


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Aloo Paratha | Guest Post by Deepa @ Scoop Of Tidbits

aloo paratha

It’s time for guest post. This month’s guest post is from Deepa of Scoop of Tidbits. I started to follow her via Instagram and loved her recipes. When I asked for guest post she readily agreed and sent it right away. Thanks a lot Deepa. Today she is sharing Aloo Paratha recipe. I don’t have that many paratha recipes in my blog and when saw her paratha recipe, I was super elated. So without any further ado, over to Deepa.

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