7 Cup Cake | 7 Cup Burfi with Black Chick Pea Flour


One of the biggest festivals of India is right around the corner. Yes I m talking about Diwali the festival of lights. This time Diwali and Halloween are back to back which of course means tons of treats. There will some tricks too. 
Today I m going to present a popular and simple Diwali sweet called 7 cup cake or burfi. Interesting name huh?  This recipe calls for only 4 ingredients, we use 7 measures of these ingredients and hence the name.

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Homemade Chole Masala Powder


In this busy and hectic world, we all opt for store bought curry powders and masalas. There is nothing wrong about it but at the same time we can’t deny the fact that the home made masalas carries a unique taste and you can blend the spices as per your family’s preference. Also we feel content and pleased when it is homemade.  Today I am presenting you, my homemade chole masala or chenna masala blend, a simple and flavorful recipe that will definitely add aroma to your kitchen pantry.

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Nectar Glazed Tofu with Roasted Sesame Seeds


Today I am going to share a recipe that has crossed borders and has become popular worldwide.   The other highlight is that, we can create zillion other recipes with this recipe as the base. You can vary the ingredients that are required to marinate the main ingredient or you can even alter the main ingredient. Cool huh? Here comes my – Nectar glazed tofu with sesame seeds. As I mentioned you can replace tofu with veggies like cauliflower, mushroom or any animal protein of your choice.

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Raw Tomato Paruppu Usili | Thakkali Kai Paruppu Usili


Today I am going to share an interesting recipe which is also my Mother-In laws signature recipe. We all know about Vazhai Poo (plantain flower) paruppu Usili, beans paruppu Usili, kothavarangai(cluster beans) paruppu Usili, cabbage usili and bell pepper usili. But today I am going to share Raw Tomato or Green Tomato Paruppu Usili or as we say in Tamil Thakkali Kai Paruppu Usili. The recipe is very similar to beans paruppu usili that I posted earlier. In my beans usili recipe, I shared how to steam the usili in Microwave and here I am going to share how to prepare the usili in the traditional way with green tomatoes.

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Quinoa & Nectar Kheer | Quinoa Pudding with Liquid Sweetner


I am wishing a Happy Navratri / Vijaya Dasami/ Durga Puja to all my friends. Today I am presenting a low calorie healthy kheer or Payasam or pudding. I can hear you asking, how can a kheer; a sweet recipe can be healthy and low calorie? What if it’s prepared with quinoa and without any sugar? Here comes my Quinoa Kheer prepared with Truvia® Nectar

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Tri Color Tri Beans Sundal | Navratri Special


I wish a very Happy Navratri to all my readers. I cannot skip from posting a sundal recipe during Navratri time. Today I am sharing a semi-homemade sundal recipe prepared with canned beans. Here comes the tri color and tri beans (Red Kidney beans, Cannellini beans, Black beans) sundal that can be prepared in a jiffy especially during weekdays as there is no soaking and pressure cooking involved. And oh yeah, if you forget to soak the beans for sundal, this is your best bet. This is such a healthy and protein rich snack that can be prepared all year round irrespective of the festivities.

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Cooking Carnival | A Quick Recap


Before getting into Navratri spree, let me share the quick recap of the Cooking Carnival Mega Marathon. As you all know, I picked one category – Starter/Appetizer/Chaat and posted 26 recipes falling under that same category. Being a savory lover, I can’t deny the fact that chaats are my weakness. I love chaats. Apparently I didn’t post many chaat recipes and this BM paved a way for me to post my favorite chaat recipes.

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Sukha Bhel with Barley Puffs | Zero Oil Recipe


I am sharing a healthy vegan and zero oil chaat recipe for the last day of this Cooking Carnival Blogging Marathon. It’s the sukha bhel recipe with barley puffs. Sukha means dry and basically this is a dry bhel recipe which is an easy grab and go chaat and perfect for mid-day hunger pangs. This recipe calls for a dry bhel chutney that can be prepared well ahead and stocked up. Once we have the dry chutney ready, this bhel can be assembled in no time.

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Bombay Sandwich


I am presenting a simple chaat sandwich recipe for the penultimate day. This sandwich is popularly known by the name Bombay Sandwich –a sandwich with yummy green chutney spread and veggies and cheese of course. I took the easy route, instead of preparing spicy potato filling, I just went with boiled potato slices which in turn reduced the cooking time and made this recipe to fall under the category of “Under 30 minutes” recipe. :-)

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The Different Shades of Exercise and Why you Need Each Kind | Guest Post

types of exercise

It’s time for guest post. I know I am bombarding you all with chaat recipes, so here is  a non-recipe guest post about exercises. I am really excited to post about this topic. I would like to thank Jennifer from Team EnergyFirst for sharing this topic.

“Exercise” is really just an umbrella term for several different types of exercise. In general, exercise falls under three main categories:

  • Aerobic exercises
  • Anaerobic exercises
  • Flexibility exercises

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