Diabetic Friendly Health Mix / Sathu Maavu Kanji Powder with Barley and Green Gram Dal

Porridge or kanchi or Kanji is one of quintessential family breakfast. Be it salt ones like kambu koozh or a sweet one like ragi or oats porridge; we love it all. Today I am going to share a diabetic friendly healthy mix or sathu maavu kanchi powder prepared with just five ingredients. With the goodness of barley, green moong dal, whole wheat, boiled rice and roasted gram dal, this kanchi maavu is sure a healthy and fiber-rich breakfast option.

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Mushroom Paniyaram | Mushroom Kuzhi Paniyaram

Mushroom Paniyaram

Today I am going to share yet another lunch box recipe with a veggie sneaked in. :-) Yesterday I posted ridgegourd rice, and today it’s the protein-rich – mushroom paniyaram – a delicious and mess-free lunch box recipe that vaandu loves. I usually use different rice, dal proportion for paniyaram batter (you find it here) but for this recipe, I did not use the paniyaram batter instead, I went with my regular idli/dosa batter. Check out the simple recipe below.

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Kuthiraivali Aval Upma | Barnyard Millet Flakes Upma

It’s been ages since I posted a millet recipe. I am glad to post a different millet based upma recipe today. It’s the barnyard millet flakes upma or precisely Kuthiraivali aval upma. This upma is a delicious and crunchier upma with the fragrance of coconut oil. Between, wondering where did I get the barnyard millet flakes? It’s from the Native Food Store. Thanks to Native Food Store for this unique millet product. :-)

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Buttermilk Biscuits

Baked Buttermilk Biscuits

The second recipe that I am going to share as part of this baking marathon is the Buttermilk Biscuits, the bread based one which is quite popular in the North American Continent. Biscuits and gravy is a popular breakfast recipe, and you can find this combo in all the breakfast joints.  I took advantage of this baking marathon and explored and tried all different flours. I prepared this recipe using Self-Rising Flour and it is eggless too. :-)

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Overnight Oats and Dates Smoothie with Flax Meal

As I mentioned in my Oats Puda post, I am trying to incorporate oats into our daily meal and here is one such recipe that I tried recently in the oats challenge attempt. All smoothies are pretty much simple, so I don’t want to repeat that again. :-) For the third day of “smoothies” theme, I presenting you the overnight oats smoothie with dates and flax meal. 

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Mixed Berries and Yogurt Smoothie

Mixed Berries & Yogurt Smoothie

Yesterday I posted a simple smoothie with fresh bananas and today’s smoothie is also simple but instead of fresh fruits, I choose frozen fruits.  We love berry smoothie, but finding them year around is difficult. So I always have a frozen pack in handy so that I can whip up some easy smoothies, parfaits not only for breakfast but for snacks.  This is a simple four-ingredient fix. Blend the berries along with yogurt, water, and vanilla essence and that’s it. A perfect, easy, grab and go breakfast is ready in no time.

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Oats Besan Puda | Chilla

Oats Puda

Hope you all a great Pongal / Makar Sankranti celebrations. After the heavy festive food, we all need something light and healthy. Today I am going to share one such healthy and an easy recipe – Oats and Besan Puda or Chilla – A perfect breakfast, evening tiffin err I would say perfect lunch box recipe too. If you are following me on Instagram, you might be aware of my oats challenge. Nothing big, I challenged myself to include oats in our daily diet, as simple as that.

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Sabudana Khichdi | Guest Post by Spice India Online

It’s time for a guest post. I am so happy to share this post written by Mullai Madhavan of SpiceIndiaOnline. She is one of my favorite blogger and a wonderful friend.  I love all her recipes and she says they are simple recipes. But for me, all her recipes are lip-smacking and drool worthy. I like her detailed step by step explanation of the recipe and of course her pictures, oh boy those are worth zillion words. I am a big fan of her pictures. Today she is sharing one of my favorite recipes – Sabudana kichadi.

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