Thavala Vadai | Mixed Lentil Fritters

Thavala Vadai – A festive special fried food prepared with mixed lentils, rice and with coconut but without any onion or garlic. Honestly, we don’t need any occasion to make this recipe. Crispy on the outside and soft inside, this vadai an anytime perfect recipe. Today I am happy to share my mom’s Thavala vadai recipe. Read further to check the detailed recipe with stepwise pictures.  Jump to Recipe 

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Bread Pizza | Vegetable Bread Pizza with Tomato-Pesto Sauce

Vegetarian Bread Pizza

After posting two homemade pizzas from scratch, today I am going to share an easy peasy semi-homemade pizza (errr you can make this from scratch as well) prepared with bread. It’s the bread pizza topped with tomato-pesto sauce, vegetables and of course cheese. This bread pizza is a perfect after-school snack, or if you ask me, I would say its a ideal dinner/lunch too.

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Karasev | Milagu Karasev

No Garlic Karasev

I wish you all a happy and prosperous Diwali / Deepavali. Last but not the least, here comes my no garlic crispy and crunchy Karasev recipe flavored with peppercorns. Karasev is a famous snack from Tamil Nadu, and it pairs well with tea, coffee, and even rice too. Today I am going to share the no garlic version of the sevu and also how to press it traditionally with a perforated ladle.

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Little Millet Ammini Kozhukattai | Ammini Kozhukattai with Little Millet Dosa Mix

Little Millet Ammoni Kozhukattai

Little Millet / Samai Ammini Kozhukattai – A healthy and a delicious savory neivediyam for this Vinayakar Chaturthi, prepared with little millet dosa mix. You can prepare this vegan ammini kozhukattai in 30 minutes. Last week I posted the sweet nei appam, so this week it got to be a savory one. With Vinayakar Chaturthi coming up in two days, what’s better than this savory ammini kozhukattai? This ammini kozhukattai can be prepared any time for a healthy munch. These spicy balls are perfect for hunger pangs too.

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Mango Avocado Salsa

Mango Avocado Salsa

Mango Avocado Salsa is a crunchy, colorful and crowd-pleasing appetizer, bursting with flavors. It is a perfect starter for parties and potlucks. Instead of traditional salsa, serve the tortilla chips with this bright mango avocado salsa from the Honduras. After a month’s break, I am participating back in the monthly blogging marathons. This week’s theme is the “Latin American Cuisine.” So kicking off BM with this yummy salsa from the Honduras.

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Sukha Bhel with Barley Puffs | Zero Oil Recipe

I am sharing a healthy vegan and zero oil chaat recipe for the last day of this Cooking Carnival Blogging Marathon. It’s the sukha bhel recipe with barley puffs. Sukha means dry and basically this is a dry bhel recipe which is an easy grab and go chaat and perfect for mid-day hunger pangs. This recipe calls for a dry bhel chutney that can be prepared well ahead and stocked up. Once we have the dry chutney ready, this bhel can be assembled in no time.

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Bombay Sandwich

I am presenting a simple chaat sandwich recipe for the penultimate day. This sandwich is popularly known by the name Bombay Sandwich –a sandwich with yummy green chutney spread and veggies and cheese of course. I took the easy route, instead of preparing spicy potato filling, I just went with boiled potato slices which in turn reduced the cooking time and made this recipe to fall under the category of “Under 30 minutes” recipe. :-)

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