Kadarangai Saadam | Wild Lemon Rice

Every day I pack lunch for my family. I am happy and proud about that. But at times it gets daunting especially when you run out of ideas and recipes. Today I am going to share a keeper lunch box recipe with a seasonal veggie/fruit. It is the Kadarangai saadam or the wild-lemon rice. It is a flavored rice prepared with wild lemon juice and tempered with spices in coconut oil.

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UlavaCharu Vegetable Biryani | Horse Gram Biryani

India is known for its biryani varieties. Today I am going to share a signature recipe of Andhra/Telangana. It’s the Ulava Charu Vegetable Biryani – a traditional and authentic recipe prepared with cooked horse gram water, vegetables and of course with exotic biryani spices. The highlight of this dish is that we use tamarind instead of yogurt and tomato and also we use curry leaves for this Biryani. Interesting huh? Read further to learn the recipe with step-wise pictures.

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Ridgegourd Rice | Peerkangai Saadam

Ridgegourd Rice

The school season has already begun here in India, and it’s about to start in the USA and other countries soon. Packing kids lunch is always a challenging task. I shared a few kiddo’s favorite lunch box recipes last year, and here I am back with another set of kids friendly lunch box recipes. The first recipe that I am going to share is the Peerkangai Sadam/Ridgegourd rice. It’s a mild yet delicious rice with the veggie sneaked in.

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Saravana Bhavan Style Executive Thali | Variety Rice Thali

Saravana Bhavan Style Executive Thali

I went super easy with my third thali. Today I am presenting you the Saravana Bhavan style executive thali. A South Indian executive thali consists of all variety rice with one dessert and one dry curry. Usually, the dry curry will be potato curry, and the variety rice varies each time. I have already posted a similar combo for adi perukku. We usually prepare no onion no garlic kalanda sadam or variety rice for adi perukku. But today’s variety rice doesn’t have that restriction. :-)

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Karivepaku Pulihora | Curry Leaves Tamarind Rice


Puliodarai, Puliogare, Pulihora, the tangy tamarind rice is a famous South Indian variety rice. Pulihora is a must on all festive days in Telugu cuisine, and a thali is incomplete without this yummy pulihora. I have already posted two puliodarai recipes, the traditional Kovil puliodarai, and the instant puliodarai recipe. Today I am going to share the Andhra/Telangana style pulihora with curry leaves.

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Carrot Rice


So yesterday I posted a starter recipe with carrot, and today it’s going to be the main course recipe with carrots. Here comes my carrot rice. Err honestly I am not sure how to name this recipe. These are some of the names that I was contemplating with: carrot palya rice, carrot masala baath, masala rice, carrot pulao. I even thought of calling it as carrot biryani, but I didn’t use any mint leaves or dry masalas, so finally gave it a generic name – Carrot rice. :-)

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Vegan Turmeric and Saffron Rice | Rice Cooker Recipes

Today I am going to present a simple rice recipe that will add elegance and fragrance to your day-to-day meals. This simple flavorful rice dish adds richness to your parties and potlucks menu too. I always look out for simple rice recipes for my potlucks instead of plain white rice. I have already posted Brinji Masala rice which I usually serve along with Rajma gravy.  Let’s welcome the holiday season (can’t believe its Nov already) with this Turmeric and Saffron rice, a recipe inspired from the Indian fast food shop at my grad school. Indian Fast foods and food trucks are becoming popular these days and the combo meals and rice bowls which are easy to grab and go, makes it more popular here in US. 

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Vegetarian Jambalaya

After the rich and scrumptious festive foods, all I want is some simple, light, healthy and easy one pot meal. Today I am going to share one such recipe – Vegetarian Jambalaya with left over rice, yes I prepared it with left over rice. According to wiki, Jambalaya is a dish of Louisiana origin of Spanish and French. For me it reminded me of vegetable and rajma pulao. I served this with tortilla chips and it became a filling and a complete meal.

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Ghee Rice with Veggies and Paneer | Ghee Bhath

Here is a simple kid’s friendly Ghee Bhath or Ghee Rice with Veggies and Paneer – a perfect lunch box recipe. It is pretty much similar to pulav but without dried masalas or kada masala.  I know it’s still summer break and instead of posting summer specials, I am posting lunch box special. As summer specials are coming next week, I thought why not prep for back to school now?


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