Journey Through Tamil Nadu Cuisine | The A-Z Recipes – A Round Up

This is the recipe round-up of the Journey through Tamil Cuisine | A-Z recipes. You can read about this blogging marathon and about Tamil Nadu cuisine here. I really enjoyed this blogging marathon and also enjoyed reading about other cuisines and recipes from the other participants.  I created a separate Pinterest board for this A-Z cuisine and you can follow the board and get all these recipes directly from there too.

What a journey it was? The month April, just went in a flash. For me the month started off with a bang, err a fender-bender. Nothing major, but the stress of following up with insurance, auto body shop was huge. More than that, it kind of shook me and I felt it has sucked all my road skills. Things are normal now. Then came my travel, work, stalls and fairs for IMC, Vaandu’s Music program. Also our family visited us last weekend. Amidst of all these, I don’t know how I managed, but I survived :-) There cannot be a mega marathon without some drama right? LOL. It was hectic and stressful but at the same time I enjoyed this TN journey a lot. Thanks a lot to all my readers, friends and other bloggers who constantly encouraged me and supported me.

I started to participate in these month-long marathons from last April. It was all baking last year and then in September is was buffet on the table where I got a chance to explore other new cuisines. You can find the round-up here.

Without any delay, here is the round-up of this marathon..

Here is the Pinterest board that you can follow and get all the recipes. Please click the below image to follow the board.


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A-Z | TamilNadu Cuisine

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27 thoughts on “Journey Through Tamil Nadu Cuisine | The A-Z Recipes – A Round Up

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  2. sapana behl

    Fabulous collection of Tamil dishes.Love each recipe and totally enjoyed doing the marathon with you .

  3. usha

    Glad to know all is well at your end. You managed to pull off the marathon successfully dispite your hectic schedule. Great round up of A-Z TN recipes.

  4. That’s some rocking collection you have got..Enjoyed so much reading through your journey. Great job..sad to know about your mishaps, glad things are back to normal.

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