Instant Pot Mushroom Stir Fry

I am back with my Instant Pot Recipes. :-) As I mentioned in my previous posts, I started exploring other settings in the instant pot and also started preparing dry curries and stir fry. When I saw “Quick and Easy Stir Fry” as one of the blogging marathon themes for this month, I picked it right away and decided to post all the Instant Pot stir frys that I tried. I love steamed or blanched stir fry. With instant pot steaming and blanching becomes so easy.  So the next three recipes are going to be Instant Pot stir fry, and I am starting with the Mushroom Stir Fry today.

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Dondakaya Kobbari Vepudu | Ivy Gourd Coconut Curry

If you ask me my favorite vegetable, without any hesitation, I would say brinjal. Next, to brinjal, my other two favorites are Ivy Gourd and Cabbage. Today’s recipe is a flavorful dry curry prepared with Ivy gourd. It is also known as Coccinia or Scarlet gourd. It is popularly known as Tindora in Hindi, Kovaikai in Tamil and Dondakaya in Telugu. Today I am going to share an Andhra special recipe – Dondakaya Kobbari Vepudu – Ivy gourd coconut dry curry with fresh ground masala. 

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Vangyachi Bhaji | Maharashtrian Style Brinjal Curry

To pair up with my Amti dal, I prepared this Vangyachi Bhaji or Brinjal Curry. This is a Maharashtrian style brinjal or eggplant curry with bursting flavors. Yes, this is a sweet and tangy and spicy dry curry that goes well with both rice and roti and also with any variety rice. Like amti dal, this recipe calls for Goda masala too. The combination of goda masala with tamarind, coconut, jaggery, peanuts and chili powder makes this curry distinct and delectable.

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Panch Phoron Potato Capsicum Curry

Exploring other cuisine and learning their spices is always fun and interesting too.  During last April month marathon, I saw my fellow bloggers posting recipes from Bengali cuisine featuring this panch phoron spices. To be honest, that marathon was my main source of inspiration and I started exploring recipes from Bengal. Slowly I started to try the recipes and modified some to suit our taste buds and started to post them in my blog too. Today’s recipe is one such simple recipe with panch phoron mix.

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Okra Peanut Curry | Vendaikai Verkadalai Poriyal

I welcome you all to the three-day blogging marathon. This week’s theme is easy vegetarian sides. I am starting it off with our favorite okra stir fry with peanuts, to pair up with the Instant Pot Sambar. So what’s special about this recipe? Usually, if I add coconut to my Poriyal, I don’t add shallots and vice versa. But for this, I included both. Shallots + okra + coconut + peanuts spiced with sambar powder, it can’t go wrong huh? Here is a perfect dry curry for your sambar rice or rasam rice.

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Raw Tomato Paruppu Usili | Thakkali Kai Paruppu Usili

Today I am going to share an interesting recipe which is also my Mother-In laws signature recipe. We all know about Vazhai Poo (plantain flower) paruppu Usili, beans paruppu Usili, kothavarangai(cluster beans) paruppu Usili, cabbage usili and bell pepper usili. But today I am going to share Raw Tomato or Green Tomato Paruppu Usili or as we say in Tamil Thakkali Kai Paruppu Usili. The recipe is very similar to beans paruppu usili that I posted earlier. In my beans usili recipe, I shared how to steam the usili in Microwave and here I am going to share how to prepare the usili in the traditional way with green tomatoes.

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Red Radish Dry Curry | Red Radish Poriyal

This is a simple Red Radish dry curry or as we say in Tamil Sivappu Mullangi Poriyal. This is a no onion no garlic curry but with the hint of  coconut. All we need to do is steam the veggie, temper it with spices and add grated coconut. Its as simple as that. The highlight of this recipe is that these radishes are home grown. Yes, they are from my backyard. The joy of harvesting our own veggies and cooking the same is exceptional.


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