Instant Pot Avarekalu Huli Saaru | Hyacinth beans curry


After three back to back lentil recipes, today I am going to share a delicious and a lip-smacking bean based curry, a perfect rice accompaniment from the state of Karnataka. It’s the Avarekalu Huli Saaru, a winter special, mild coconut based gravy prepared with field beans/hyacinth beans.  Here is my no onion – no garlic version of the Averakalu huli saaru that I made in instant pot. ( I promise, the recipe that I am going to post tomorrow is not a no onion no garlic recipe.)

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Bendakaya Pulusu | Tangy and Spicy Okra Gravy


I know I am posting back to back Andhra & Telangana special recipes. If you are following me on IG, you would have guessed it by now. Yes, Thali theme is coming up in a weeks time, and I am going share an Andhra/Telangana spread. (Other two spreads are coming up too, stay tuned.) I thought of preparing all the recipes from scratch and not to use any of the recipes from my archives. :-) This also gives me an opportunity to share our family favorites. Today’s recipe is Bendakaya Pulusu or Lady’s Finger Tangy and spicy gravy.

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Dried Raw Mango Kuzhambu | Maanga Vathal Kuzhambu


If you are craving for mango during winter, here comes a perfect recipe prepared with dried raw mangoes. This dried raw mango kuzhambu, is a perfect rice accompaniment and it is simple tangy and yummy gravy/kuzhambu loaded with toor dal and of course dried raw mango. This can be prepared with fresh raw mango but during off season the dried ones come in handy. 

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Cranberry Sauce Vathal Kuzhambu

When I prepared my slow cooker cranberry sauce, I wanted to try some fusion recipe with it.   Given the fact that it is sweet and tart, I was planning for a savory recipe. I had sufficient amount, so used my sauce for the cheesecake and with the remaining I experimented quite a few recipes.  And one of the most successful recipes was this Cranberry Sauce Vathal Kuzhambu or cranberry sauce gojju.

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Sambar Vadai | Two in One Recipe Post

Sambar Vadai – the crispy deep fried savory snack soaked in the hot piping lentil sambar is one of my favorite comfort food and I can enjoy it for any meal.  The crispy vada when soaked in sambar becomes super soft and melts down as you chew it and the taste of the sambar vada depends completely upon the sambar. (Obviously right?) Here come my tiffin sambar 3, and the sambar vadai recipe. (Friendly warning, lengthy post ahead)


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Manjal Sambar | A Quick Tiffin Sambar with Besan

Manjal Sambar – interesting name huh? Manjal means yellow in Tamil. Yes, it literally translates to yellow sambar. This sambar is prepared with besan and sambar podi without any dal and tamarind and with no or less veggies and it can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. This is great side for all the tiffin items, be it dosa or idli or upma. This goes well even with poori too. Check out my other tiffin sambar recipe with moong dal and pressure cooker sambar recipe with masoor dal for tiffins. This is a mix between the Kuzhambu and poori masala.

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Black Eyed Peas & Brinjal Kuzhambu | Kongu Nadu Special

Here is the third recipe from the Kongu nadu cuisine – Thattam Payaru Katharikai Kuzhambu. Yes I am back with one more brinjal recipe. Distinct and unique tangy and spicy gravy loaded with the good ness of black eyed peas. Usually for sambar we use mashed toor dal but for this recipe you use mashed black eyed peas along with cooked black eyed peas. Didn’t I say it’s distinct?


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Karuvadaam Vathal Kuzhambu

Vathal Kuzhambu – spicy and tangy and lip-smacking tamarind gravy prepared with sun dried fryums and it is one of the common recipes in Tamil Nadu households. It’s doesn’t require any vegetables, also no toor dal (you can add it for tempering though) which obviously means no pressure cooking and also no coconut. All you need is sundried fryums or vathals as we say in Tamil, tamarind juice, sambar powder and you can prepare this in a jiffy. I have already posted Manathakkali Vathal Kuzhambu and also Ariachu vitta Manathakkali Vathal Kuzhambu. Here is my third vathal Kuzhambu recipe with Karuvadaam. 



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Katharikai Puli Kuzhambu With Coconut | Tangy & Spicy Brinjal Gravy

Katharikai Puli Kuzhambu | Brinjal gravy/sambar is a spicy and lip-smacking rice accompaniment prepared with tender brinjals. I know there are zillion variations  to this kuzhambu and also this kuzhambu is one of the staple and common recipe in most of the households in Tamil Nadu. This recipe is from my friend who is from Tirunelveli.  The fresh ground masala adds more flavor to this yummy kuzhambu.


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