Instant Pot Hara Dhaniya Cholia | Cilantro Green Chickpeas Curry

Instant Pot Hara Chana Cholia

We are in the last week of this blogging marathon. Only six more recipes to go and I couldn’t believe I have already posted twenty recipes. Today’s recipe is from Haryana, and it is the Hara Dhaniya Cholia / Cilantro and green chickpeas curry. Let’s learn how to make this yummy curry in both pressure cooker and instant pot.

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Instant Pot Chanya Tonak | Goan Dry Peas Curry | Tondak

We are traveling from east to west today. Yes from Manipur to the beautiful Goa. I am going to share a famous Goan curry prepared with fresh ground coconut masala and white peas. It’s the Tonak, precisely Chanya Tonak meaning dry peas curry. Serve this lip-smacking, quick-to-make tonak with roti or naan or pav or even with biryani. You will be showered with praises for sure. Check out the instant pot and pressure cooker version of this recipe here.

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Instant Pot Soya Thongba | A Manipuri Special Curry

Soya Thongba – A Manipuri special mild curry prepared with soy chunks, potatoes, and green peas. This milk-based gravy requires only minimal spices and goes well with rice, roti, and poori. (My personal favorite is with naan). Check out how to prepare this simple Manipuri dish on instant pot and also in the traditional stove top method. Don’t miss the short video that explains how to make this dish in the instant pot. 

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Instant Pot Channa Madra | Pahari Cuisine Special Channa Madra

Instant Pot Channa Madra

Chickpeas aka garbanzo beans aka channa aka kondakadalai aka known as Egyptian pea is one of the favorite legumes that is used nearly all the world cuisines. It’s a versatile legume, and it can be added in any stew or curry or salad or spread/hummus. Today I am going to break the vegan rule and share a yummy and creamy yogurt based recipe with chick peas. It is the Channa Madra – A Himachali / Pahari Cuisine special – a no onion no garlic recipe prepared with Chickpeas simmered in creamy & thick yogurt gravy. Check out the detailed recipe and a short video recipe of the same.

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Instant Pot Olan | Onam Sadya Recipe

Kerala Special Olan

Finally, I am posting my favorite recipe, Olan – the rich and creamy coconut milk stew with the goodness of black eyed peas/cow peas, red and white pumpkin. This olan is very mild, soothing because of the healing properties of coconut and coconut milk and of course, it is vegan and gluten free. Check out the video instructions and a detailed recipe below.

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Brazilian Vegetable Curry with Coconut Milk and Tomato Sauce | Vegan Curry

Vegan Brazilian Curry

The next recipe that I am going to share today under the theme “Latin American Cuisine” is the Brazilian Vegetable Curry with Coconut Milk and Tomato Sauce. Sounds, more like Indian curry right? Yes, This main course vegetable curry from Brazil is more like our Indian vegetable curry prepared with oven roasted vegetables, coconut milk, and tomato sauce but without any dry spice powders/masalas. This vegan curry is a perfect side for rice, any flat bread and even idli and dosa.

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Gujarati Kadhi


Kadhi – this yogurt based dish is one among the signature recipes of India, and there are many kadhi varieties based on the region. Be it Sindhi kadhi or Punjabi kadhi each and every kadhi has its own and unique ingredients. Today I am going to share the Gujarati Kadhi recipe, and Gujarati Thali is incomplete without this simple kadhi. It is comparatively lighter than the Punjabi kadhi, and all you need is some day to day spices, gram flour, and yogurt to prepare this exotic recipe.

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Slow Cooker Vegan Dal Makhani

Yes, you read the title right. Today I am sharing the vegan version of Dal Makhani. The word Makhani means butter and the traditional version calls for both butter and cream. I am presenting the vegan version sans butter and cream, but I can guarantee the rich and creamy taste, thanks to the slow cooking concept and of course my slow cooker.  Earlier this Monday, I posted the Vegan Turmeric and Saffron rice that I prepared in my rice cooker. Today I am presenting the gravy that I served along with the rice which I prepared in my slow cooker.

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