Protein Rich Recipes | 26 Indian Legume Recipes in Instant Pot | A Roundup

And we are done. :-) Here comes the roundup of the Protein rich recipes that I prepared in my instant pot. I chose my sub theme as legumes and Pulses from Indian states. I posted legume and pulse based recipes from 26 Indian states all through September. Here is the recap of those 26 Indian Legume recipes that I prepared in Instant Pot.

These month long marathons are fun, and as always you learn a lot of things. Even though I prepared all the recipes before September, the post drafting process and image editing process happened only in September. A Portland trip, a minor leg injury (I always injure myself every time I run), Navratri, Food Blogger Conference and as usual, work and life balance. I saw all these in September, and I SURVIVED.  A big yayyyyyyy.

I tried around ten video recipes, and I am still learning how to handle steam and also the angle. :-) Also getting there with the video editing too. A long way to go but this marathon did lay the firm foundation for it. Here is my YouTube channel link and you can find all the Instant Pot Video Playlists here.

Personally, I enjoyed this theme and my sub-theme as well. I was able to explore different Indian cuisine, and I learnt a lot of interesting facts and of course recipes. The states that I missed in this theme were Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, and Chhattisgarh. I found few recipes from Chhattisgarh but went with other ones. And it’s a sad truth that I couldn’t find any lentil/legume-based recipes from Arunachala Pradesh and Tripura. I cannot claim that I did a thorough research, so my quest continues.  Please let me know if you have any pointers.

I recently came across this biggest repository of Instant Pot Recipes. I was amazed by the recipe varieties and also amazed how much you can do with the instant pot. :-) Check it out here – Instant Pot Recipe Finder.

So here is the roundup of Instant Pot / Protein Rich Indian legume and lentil recipes. Along with instant pot method, all the recipes have stove top/ pressure cooker method also. Please check it out.

Protein Rich Recipes | 26 Indian Legume Recipes in Instant Pot | A Roundup

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9 thoughts on “Protein Rich Recipes | 26 Indian Legume Recipes in Instant Pot | A Roundup

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  2. One of the fantastic recap Vidhya, excellent legume recipes you have shared with us with so many ultimate and delicious dishes. I have bookmarked couple of dishes to make some soon, thanks for sharing absolutely fingerlicking goodness dishes with us.

  3. Srivalli Jetti

    Srividhya, kudos on such an excellent collection you got to do..I simply loved your sub theme and the fact you cooked everything in instapot..Gosh I really wish we get that app in India..great roundup and surely bookmarked!..sad I couldn’t help with arunachal pradesh, lets see if we can nail it..:)

  4. Beautiful round up . And a very interesting theme . I loved all these traditional lentils and Pulses . Even though I have cooked a couple of these , but some of them have been new and now this round up is bookmarked .
    Kudos for surviving September ! ?

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