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  1. ruchi indu says

    I never knew that we had types of kidney beans. Nice information on kashmiri kidney beans. And a nice simple recipe… Perfect for the cool rainy weather

    • Srividhya G says

      Thanks Ruchi.

  2. Priya Suresh says

    Good to know the difference between the usual kidney beans and Kashmiri kidney beans, have seen already those tiny kidney beans and never knew that they are so called Kashmiri kidney beans. Rajma gogji looks like a complete meal with those turnip chunks, am loving it.

    • Srividhya G says

      Thanks Priya.

  3. Anlet Prince says

    A curry with Kidney beans and turnip is very new to me. Its a must try for me.

    • Srividhya G says

      :-) Thanks. Please do try.

  4. Preeti says

    Looks very tempting… and very new for me

    • Srividhya G says

      Thanks :-)

  5. themadscientistskitchen says

    OMG! love it. I loved your intro too Srividhya and since I get turnips all year round can make it but the idea of my family eating turnips is like difficult to imagine. Lets see may get them to eat a little. OK the devil in me has started scheming you may hear about me feeding them sooner than you think.

    • Srividhya G says

      ha ha.. thanks a lot :-)

  6. Gayathri Kumar says

    I didn’t even know that there are different varieties of rajma until I read your post. What a nice research you have done. Between the rajma looks like the best comfort food. Yum..

    • Srividhya G says

      he he Thanks Gayathri.

  7. Mayuri Patel says

    My sister in law is married to Kashmiri and I love the way she prepares rajma with shalgam. The flavors are definitely different as they use fennel seeds and ginger powder a lot and mustard oil.

    • Srividhya G says

      Yeah Mayuri. Still getting used to mustard oil. :-)

  8. Srivalli Jetti says

    I am really amazed at the variety you have showcased Srividhya, this is such a fantastic collection!..this rajma version sounds so inviting!

    • Srividhya G says

      Thanks you so much Valli.

  9. Sowmya:) says

    That’s a lovely intro and I completely understand how frustrating it is to keep trying to get one ingredient for a particular dish that you just can’t not let go of. Lovely gogji …looks very tempting!

    • Srividhya G says

      Thanks Sowmya.

  10. Sapana says

    We call those small ones Sharmili rajma and make the Kashmiri rajma curry with it. That combination with turnips sounds interesting.

    • Srividhya G says

      Oh good to know the name. Thanks Sapana. Yeah, I lot of rajma recipes on your blog. Got to check them out.

  11. Sharmila - The Happie Friends Potpourri Corner says

    Love Kashmiri Food.. Rajma gogji looks just perfect for their climate and culture.. Yummy share da..

    • Srividhya G says

      Thank you :-)

  12. vaishalisabnani says

    Ah talk of Rajma variety ! My brother deals in Lentils and Pulses , every time I go to his office in Delhi I love to see the different varieties and there are at least 5-6 . Next time I go I will click pics and post .
    The Kashmiri Vadi is easily available in Delhi , let me know if you want , I will get .
    The dish looks simple and easy , yet flavourful .

    • Srividhya G says

      oh wow that’s great. Yes, please would love to see the varieties. I should asked you for kashmiri vadi. Next time will definitely get it. Will ping you then. Thanks much Vaishali.

  13. Rajani says

    Have seen smaller ones and lighter color rajma varieties . But other than that I have no idea on how many varieties of rajma are there. The recipe looks easy to prepare too.

    • Srividhya G says

      Thanks Rajani.

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