Bread Pizza | Vegetable Bread Pizza with Tomato-Pesto Sauce

Vegetarian Bread Pizza

After posting two homemade pizzas from scratch, today I am going to share an easy peasy semi-homemade pizza (errr you can make this from scratch as well) prepared with bread. It’s the bread pizza topped with tomato-pesto sauce, vegetables and of course cheese. This bread pizza is a perfect after-school snack, or if you ask me, I would say its a ideal dinner/lunch too.

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Ridgegourd Rice | Peerkangai Saadam

Ridgegourd Rice

The school season has already begun here in India, and it’s about to start in the USA and other countries soon. Packing kids lunch is always a challenging task. I shared a few kiddo’s favorite lunch box recipes last year, and here I am back with another set of kids friendly lunch box recipes. The first recipe that I am going to share is the Peerkangai Sadam/Ridgegourd rice. It’s a mild yet delicious rice with the veggie sneaked in.

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Tropical Sorbet | Mango and Pineapple Sorbet


When it comes to frozen delights, Sorbet is a must, and I cannot skip this simple frozen fruit delight during summer. Today I am going to share a Tropical Sorbet, precisely Pineapple and Mango sorbet with a hint of lemon juice. And, I did not use any ice-cream machine or churner for this recipe. Aloha !!! Bring the tropical flavor to your home with this delightful five ingredient no churn sorbet.

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Frozen Mango Yogurt Bars

Can you eat mango lassi? Ask me, and I will say “Yes, of course” :-) and if you ask me how, I will say “as frozen bars.”  :-) That’s what I am going to share today – Frozen Mango-Yogurt bars or barks or mango lassi bars. Please feel free to pick your favorite name. If you are like me crazy about mangoes and wondering how to store them even after the season is over – then you are right the right place and here is the solution.

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Ghee Rice with Veggies and Paneer | Ghee Bhath

Here is a simple kid’s friendly Ghee Bhath or Ghee Rice with Veggies and Paneer – a perfect lunch box recipe. It is pretty much similar to pulav but without dried masalas or kada masala.  I know it’s still summer break and instead of posting summer specials, I am posting lunch box special. As summer specials are coming next week, I thought why not prep for back to school now?


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Left Over Rice Fryums | Rice Vadagam

Summer is the perfect season for preparing fryums, vathals and of course home made rasam and sambar powders. Why not utilize the sun completely and sun dry the ingredients? Here is one such Vathal or Fryum recipe which is prepared with left over rice. A great way to use the left over rice. All you need to do is grind the rice with salt and chillies and then add onions and sun dry it. That’s it. It is as simple as that. You can prepare them in bulk during summer and store them.


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