Whole Wheat Pav Buns with Vital Wheat Gluten | Eggless Wheat Pav Buns


After Gujiya, here is my second recipe from our India – Pav Buns or as the title says Whole Wheat Pav buns with vital wheat gluten. Homemade Pav buns were on my to-do list for quite a long time and what’s better than posting it during the blogging marathon? So here comes, whole wheat pav buns for the alphabet W.

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Obi Non

Baked Naan | Uzbek special Obi Non

Today’s recipe is a “naan” recipe from Persia called – Obi Non. Obi non or lepyoshka is a kind of flat tandoor bread popular in Afghan, Tajik and Uzbek cuisine. It is shaped like a disc and comparatively thicker than naan. There are different varieties of Naan, and it originates from Central and South Asia with influence from the Middle-East. I am going to share one of the naan varieties called obi non which is quite popular in Uzbekistan.

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Knäckebröd | Rye Crispbread from Sweden

I always learn a lot of new recipes from this month long marathon. In the previous years, I picked safe themes. But this year, I had to come out of my comfort zone and look, I started to explore the recipes from all over the world now. :-) For the alphabet K, I picked a crispbread recipe which is more like a cracker recipe, from Sweden. It’s the Knäckebröd bread prepared mainly with rye flour.

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Ice-Cream Bread | A Two Ingredient Bread

Icecream bread

We are on the 9th day of the Baking from around the world theme. I know I have been posting bread recipes with yeast and that takes more than 2 hours to prepare, but today’s bread recipe is super simple. No yeast, No kneading and no waiting time required either. All you need is two main ingredients – Ice Cream and Self-Rising flour. Mix them and bake them. Viola – Ice cream bread is ready. :-) Yes, it’s I for Ice Cream bread today.

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Focaccia Bread with Olives and Rosemary

Focaccia with olives and rosemary

I am going to share a rustic yeast based bread recipe from the land of Italy today. It’s the Focaccia al rosmarino – Focaccia bread with rosemary, and I added olives too. I love the rustic bread they serve as a starter in Italian restaurants. Be it the ciabatta bread or this focaccia; we love it with a generous drizzle of Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. (I know ciabatta is more for sandwiches) You can serve this focaccia as a starter along with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or you can serve this as a side for soups and stews.

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Challah Bread | Eggless Braided Challah

Eggless Challah

The third recipe that I am going to share today is Challah bread, popularly known as Shabbat challah. It’s a Hebrew word, and it pronounced as Hallah. The braided bread is famous in Israel and pretty much among all the Jewish communities worldwide. There are different names for this bread, and it is known by various names in different countries. This Challah bread is a part of the traditional Sabbath meal. Today I am presenting the Eggless version of this bread with aa single braid, and with this, the yeast bread series begins too. :-)

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