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Back to school ad campaign started here in US. My kiddo started his KG. I don’t know how the time flew. Everyone will be getting ready to the regular school mode and mom like me would have already  started worrying what to pack for lunch. I am packing his food for the past 3.5 years and its not something new but still I worry about that. Kiddo being a soup and pasta lover, loves to take them for lunch. Easy to prepare and easy for the kiddo to eat too. I don’t want the food to be piping hot, but I wanted it to be warm enough especially during winter, given that they are cheesy foods. Thats when I found this product, Thermos food jar.

Thermos is one of the popular brand in insulated food and beverages products. This comes as 12 ounce and 16 ounce jar which attached folding spoon. As they say in the product description,

1) It doesn’t leak

2) Its very sturdy. (I don’t want to repeat their product description and technology)

3) Its very true that it keeps the food hot. I tested it. :-) Even after 9 hrs, the food was warm, not hot but warm was more than enough for me.

4) Easy enough for a 5 yr old to open and close and use the folding spoon.


I wish they could make something as a square shaped box for rotis and stuff.

Note: They ask to pre-heat or pre-chill the jar before using hot or cold food. But I never did that. (morning rushes) Even then the food stayed hot.

So far this is what I have packed in this jar,

Rasam rice

Any pastas


Mini idlys

Rotis into pieces

Fried bread

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