Kid’s Delight Event Announcement | Soups and Stews

I am happy to announce the next kid’s delight event. In 2015 I picked pasta for kids as the theme and last year it was cakes and cookies. And this time, the theme is “Kids friendly Soups and Stews.” The winter weather calls for soups and stews, and nothing can comfort like a warm bowl of soup. I think I am repeating it, but IMO soups and stews are the perfect way to sneak in veggies. Now bring on your kid’s friendly soups and stews. :-)

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Bread Pizza | Vegetable Bread Pizza with Tomato-Pesto Sauce

Vegetarian Bread Pizza

After posting two homemade pizzas from scratch, today I am going to share an easy peasy semi-homemade pizza (errr you can make this from scratch as well) prepared with bread. It’s the bread pizza topped with tomato-pesto sauce, vegetables and of course cheese. This bread pizza is a perfect after-school snack, or if you ask me, I would say its a ideal dinner/lunch too.

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Mushroom Paniyaram | Mushroom Kuzhi Paniyaram

Mushroom Paniyaram

Today I am going to share yet another lunch box recipe with a veggie sneaked in. :-) Yesterday I posted ridgegourd rice, and today it’s the protein-rich – mushroom paniyaram – a delicious and mess-free lunch box recipe that vaandu loves. I usually use different rice, dal proportion for paniyaram batter (you find it here) but for this recipe, I did not use the paniyaram batter instead, I went with my regular idli/dosa batter. Check out the simple recipe below.

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Mixed Berry Froyo

Mixed Berry Froyo is a delicious frozen summer treat rich in antioxidants and probiotics. This froyo is a no-churn simple recipe, and it can be prepared without an ice-cream machine. Froyo is nothing flavored frozen yogurt. You can add your favorite flavors which could be anything from frozen fruits to liquid flavors like vanilla or rose syrup. This time I went with mixed berries to prepare this vibrant mixed berry froyo. These froyos are great way sneak in the fruits.

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Gujarati Kadhi


Kadhi – this yogurt based dish is one among the signature recipes of India, and there are many kadhi varieties based on the region. Be it Sindhi kadhi or Punjabi kadhi each and every kadhi has its own and unique ingredients. Today I am going to share the Gujarati Kadhi recipe, and Gujarati Thali is incomplete without this simple kadhi. It is comparatively lighter than the Punjabi kadhi, and all you need is some day to day spices, gram flour, and yogurt to prepare this exotic recipe.

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Roundup of Kid’s Delight Event | Cakes and Cookies

Here is the much-awaited roundup post of the kid’s delight event – Cakes and Cookies. I hosted the event during the holiday season. I know it’s the perfect time for cakes and cookies but at the same time, it is the time for traveling and family visits. Irrespective of that, I received 29 lip smacking yummylicious recipes. Thanks to each and everyone for making this event a great success and without any further ado here is the recipe roundup. 

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