Kid’s Delight Event Announcement | Soups and Stews

I am happy to announce the next kid’s delight event. In 2015 I picked pasta for kids as the theme and last year it was cakes and cookies. And this time, the theme is “Kids friendly Soups and Stews.” The winter weather calls for soups and stews, and nothing can comfort like a warm bowl of soup. I think I am repeating it, but IMO soups and stews are the perfect way to sneak in veggies. Now bring on your kid’s friendly soups and stews. :-)

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Roundup of Kid’s Delight Event | Cakes and Cookies

Here is the much-awaited roundup post of the kid’s delight event – Cakes and Cookies. I hosted the event during the holiday season. I know it’s the perfect time for cakes and cookies but at the same time, it is the time for traveling and family visits. Irrespective of that, I received 29 lip smacking yummylicious recipes. Thanks to each and everyone for making this event a great success and without any further ado here is the recipe roundup. 

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Eggless Oatmeal Carrot Cookies

Welcome to the three day blogging marathon, and this week theme is  – “Kid’s delight | Cakes and Cookies”. Holiday season always calls for baking. That’s the main reason for me to chose this theme for kid’s delight event. Join me with you delicious sweet bakes. :-) The carrot saga continues. :-) Today I am going to present a simple and mildly spiced cookie – “Eggless Oatmeal Carrot Cookies”.

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Hosting Kid’s Delight Event | Cakes and Cookies

I am happy to announce the next kid’s delight event. Last year, I picked pastas for kids. This year I am going with cakes and cookies.  Holiday season always calls for baking. Bake your child’s favorite cakes or cookies and please join me with your entries. Let’s make this holiday season more fun and cookielicious and cakelicious.


Please send in your recipe link along with the picture to my email @ I will be doing a round up post before Jan 25th.

Guidelines for the event:

  • From now until January 15th, you are welcome to join the “Kids delight event | Cakes and Cookies” that will make a kid happy!
  • The entries have to be Vegetarian. Also no alcohol in the bakes. (Eggs are allowed)
  • Multiple entries are allowed too.
  • The recipe has to be posted between Dec 15 2016 and Jan 15th 2017. Sorry I am not accepting from the archives.
  • Kindly link up this event announcement(this post link) and Valli’s Kid’s delight announcement to qualify as an entry.
  • Non Bloggers can send in your entries too, mail me the recipe with image at daffodilshree(at)gmail(dot)com |

If you can use the below logo, it will be great.

Kids_Delight1 (250 x 204)

Looking forward to your cakes and cookies. Thanks a lot.

Broccoli Paratha

Parathas are one among the popular Indian flatbreads.  There are different varieties of these Parathas and I love all the veggie based Parathas. This is yet another recipe to sneak in vegetables and try out all different options. Here is the super simple broccoli paratha prepared with wheat flour and corn flour and spiced up with sambar powder. (Yeah you heard it right – sambar powder)  


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Ghee Rice with Veggies and Paneer | Ghee Bhath

Here is a simple kid’s friendly Ghee Bhath or Ghee Rice with Veggies and Paneer – a perfect lunch box recipe. It is pretty much similar to pulav but without dried masalas or kada masala.  I know it’s still summer break and instead of posting summer specials, I am posting lunch box special. As summer specials are coming next week, I thought why not prep for back to school now?


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