No Onion No Garlic Kadamba Sambar Sadam


Kadamba Saadham / Kadamba Sadam – This no onion no garlic South Indian Delicacy is a perfect medley of vegetables, rice, lentil, spices and curry leaves. Yes, curry leaf is a significant ingredient, and that’s what differentiates this rice from its cousins like Bisibelebhaat and Sambar Saadam. Hop on to read how to make this delectable Kadamba Sambar Saadam in the pressure cooker with step by step photos.

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Onam Sadya | Kerala Sadya Thali


Onam Sadya Thali – A rich and royal feast, an insanely delicious thali, nobody can say no to. With a wide variety of dishes loaded with veggies and coconut, it is a must to try Thali. The Onam sadya dishes varies region-wise within Kerala. I did not follow any specific region instead prepared the ones that my family loves. Here comes my Onam Sadya Thali. Check out the post for the individual recipes and how I prepared.

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Instant Pot Gahat Phaanu | Horsegram Kale Stew | Garhwali Recipes

Today’s recipe is one of the traditional Garhwali cuisine recipes from Uttarakhand – It is the super healthy Gahat Phaanu or the Kulath phanu. Simply put, it is the horse gram lentil stew. I noticed different spellings for phanu. It is written as phanu, phaanu, phanoo. Phaanu is prepared by grinding lentils that are soaked overnight. Based on the lentil you add, it is named accordingly. Gahat is horse gram, and that’s what I am going to share today – Gahat ki Phaanu.

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Instant Pot Daineiiong | Meghalaya Style Dal with Sesame Seeds


I am going to share the last dal recipe from the North Eastern states. It is the daineiiong from Meghalaya.It is pronounced as Dai-Nei-Iong, and it is one of the staple foods of Khasi tribe of Meghalaya. So what is Daineiiong? It’s the Meghalaya style dal prepared with lentils and black sesame seeds. Here comes my version daineiiong with brown masoor dal and toor dal.

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Instant Pot Chanya Tonak | Goan Dry Peas Curry | Tondak

We are traveling from east to west today. Yes from Manipur to the beautiful Goa. I am going to share a famous Goan curry prepared with fresh ground coconut masala and white peas. It’s the Tonak, precisely Chanya Tonak meaning dry peas curry. Serve this lip-smacking, quick-to-make tonak with roti or naan or pav or even with biryani. You will be showered with praises for sure. Check out the instant pot and pressure cooker version of this recipe here.

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Instant Pot Soya Thongba | A Manipuri Special Curry

Soya Thongba – A Manipuri special mild curry prepared with soy chunks, potatoes, and green peas. This milk-based gravy requires only minimal spices and goes well with rice, roti, and poori. (My personal favorite is with naan). Check out how to prepare this simple Manipuri dish on instant pot and also in the traditional stove top method. Don’t miss the short video that explains how to make this dish in the instant pot. 

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