Shahi Paneer Pizza | Wheat Pizza with Shahi Paneer Topping

Shahi Paneer Pizza

An Indianized fusion pizza is what you need to brighten up your weekend. How about the Shahi Paneer Pizza with wheat pizza base? Sounds interesting right? That’s what I am sharing today. Shahi Paneer Pizza – A wheat pizza topped up with Shahi Paneer and more paneer, bell peppers, onion, and tomatoes with a zing of chaat masala. Scroll down to see the step by step pictorial recipe of Shahi Paneer Pizza.

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Seitan Soup | The Vegetarian Meat Soup

Seitan is the mock meat or the vegetarian meat prepared from the wheat gluten. Seitan is a Japanese word which means wheat gluten or wheat meat. According to the wiki, wheat gluten is made by washing wheat flour dough with water until all the starch granules have been removed, leaving the sticky insoluble gluten as an elastic mass which is then cooked before being eaten. Today I am going to share how to prepare the seitan from vital wheat gluten flour and a simple vegetable soup with the cooked seitan.

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Veggie Naan Pizza With Paneer

Yayyy it is the weekend, specifically the game weekend. Looking for easy yet exotic meals that can be prepared in a jiffy? Today I am going to present one such recipe which will be party pleaser for sure. Errr.. forget the parties and games, this recipe will surely magnify your dinner table and make your family time more memorable. When east and west meets, this is what you get – Curried Naan Pizza with Paneer. :-)

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Cranberry Sauce Vathal Kuzhambu

When I prepared my slow cooker cranberry sauce, I wanted to try some fusion recipe with it.   Given the fact that it is sweet and tart, I was planning for a savory recipe. I had sufficient amount, so used my sauce for the cheesecake and with the remaining I experimented quite a few recipes.  And one of the most successful recipes was this Cranberry Sauce Vathal Kuzhambu or cranberry sauce gojju.

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Nectar Glazed Tofu with Roasted Sesame Seeds

Today I am going to share a recipe that has crossed borders and has become popular worldwide.   The other highlight is that, we can create zillion other recipes with this recipe as the base. You can vary the ingredients that are required to marinate the main ingredient or you can even alter the main ingredient. Cool huh? Here comes my – Nectar glazed tofu with sesame seeds. As I mentioned you can replace tofu with veggies like cauliflower, mushroom or any animal protein of your choice.

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Vegan Mango And Coconut Jello With Agar Agar | Woon Mamuang

Here is the gorgeous vegan no bake mango dessert – Mango Coconut Jello or Panna Cotta or Woon Moongwang (in Thai). This delicacy is prepared with Mango puree and coconut milk and of course with sugar and the jello is set using agar agar powder making it perfect for all vegetarians and vegans. This week’s BM theme is No Bake Dessert.  The moment I saw this theme, I picked it right away so as to try all the mango based desserts. I know it’s not one fruit theme, but still you will be seeing mango recipes in the coming days and weeks.


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Asian Pasta Salad


I love fusion cuisines and it lets you experiment different combinations. One of my successful fusion experiments with pasta that got published in Salis Online Magazine is the Spaghetti pulav. That made me to try to some more fusion with pastas. Today’s fusion recipe is also one of our favorites and I tasted this at my work for the first time. This is also no cheese pasta which means no need to warm it up and perfect for lunch boxes.

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Veggie Dumplings with Wanton Wraps

 A couple of weeks ago, Vaandu asked me to pack veggie dumplings with toothpick (???) for his lunch. I don’t remember him trying out veggie dumplings before. Not sure if any of his friends bought it for lunch. Anyways when he asked that for lunch, I told him that I will try it once for dinner before packing it for lunch. With Navratri, I couldn’t try that at all. This weekend he started asking for it again and I realized I cannot postpone anymore. I have postponed already for two weeks. I was very tired this Sunday and I didn’t want to do everything from scratch. So when I browsed for shortcuts, the first recipe that came was Alton Brown’s steamed dumplings. I love semi-homemade recipes. I have already written enough about the puff pastry sheets and how they save a lot of time on weekdays or when you don’t have time to start from scratch, especially for puffs. Wanton wraps fall under the same category. It’s a great ingredient to have in your fridge. 

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