Our 7th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday my dear Vaandu err dude  :-) Seven Years!!! Jeez… Where and how did the time go? As usual I am scheduling this post at 00:03AM, the time when Vaandu decided to come out after stressing us for just 18 hrs.

 We were showing him his pictures from day 1 and he enjoys watching his pictures and loves to hear his own stories. One thing I wanted to share is – this boy was born with the travel bug. (Err does the travel that I did when I was pregnant counts? If so then let’s add India and Napa) Within the first 11 months we did two India trips, a Vegas trip (oh yeah) and of course Napa Valley and South Lake Tahoe which were the front yard and back yard of our Folsom home. The first India trip was unplanned but that gave us courage to plan the other trips. If his first year was like this needless to say about the others. I am being a travelling person, loving it to the core. Let’s see what 2016 has in store for us.

 Now coming to the birthday party, we are just inviting few of his friends tomorrow. It’s going to be kids only party at our house. I don’t know why I and M introduced him the “Avatar – The Last Air bender”, he wanted Air bender themed games. It was very hard to find the materials and coming up with games was very difficult too. I just came up with couple games and bought a Piñata and hopefully it will work out.

 This is what I have planned,

 Pinning Arrow on Aang’s head:

I got a picture from internet without Aang’s arrow and kids can pin the arrows (yet to cut) at the correct position by closing their eyes.

 Cookie Decoration:

I am planning to prepare (if time permits) or buy plain sugar cookies and lot edible decorations. I have the four symbols of the nations (Earth, fire, water and air). They can try that in the cookies.

 Making Aang’s Staff:

I have bought ice cream sticks and color papers. I am having some idea but not sure if it will work and if the kids will have patience. I will post the details after the party.

 Breaking the Piñata:

This is going to my life saver. Breaking the piñata would never fail. If the above three fails I am planning to let the kids break the piñata and have a free play.

 I also downloaded some coloring sheets for just in case if some kids are not interested in any of the above games.

Return Gifts:

For his first four birthdays I got books or some small personalized gifts depending upon the kids age as return gifts and then I went with goody bags for last two years. This time I was contemplating and finally ended with these small toys.


Pizza and cake outsourced. First I thought of baking the cake but the hero of mine wants an Aang décor cake. As he didn’t ask for anything else we decided to go with his choice in the cake. We had to custom order the cake in a local bakery and I had to send her some pictures. Hopefully it turns out ok. Today I am going to cook his favorite paneer and his favorite cookies. My cake is reserved for the star birthday. (He can’t escape from my baking)


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