Non-Recipe — An Announcement post

Hi all,

This month is going to be a coding month not cooking month. :-) Here is the first step.

I should have done this posting the weekend before doing the hosting. Errr I missed ;-) Actually mine was hosted by wordpress or as they say it is site and I started to hit the maximum space limit and thats when I decided to move to self hosted site. Bought the domain from blue host and I was waiting for M to come so that we can do together but then the itchy software developer in my made me to try it out faster and I hope I did it correct and haven’t screwed it up. :-)

So here is the announcement.

Vidhya’s Vegetarian Kitchen or as I say VVK is now self hosted. :-)

Tried a test post and it all looked good. Not sure if my post will be visible on WP reader but I need to check on that. If you any information on that please add it in the comment.
I need to do couple category re organizations, plugins and theme changes which I will be doing one by one.

I just followed these steps for my move.

Between if you can any issues, please feel free to contact me at

Thanks for your support


22 thoughts on “Non-Recipe — An Announcement post

  1. Huh finally I have come to your space ;) excuse me for being very late Sri!!! Congrats for the self hosted website…..I don’t know when I ll go for it or even if I ll try it but sure when I start earning myself I should :)

  2. Awesome! I thought yours was already with because it was and not Anyway, techies like you can figure out things easily, I’m sure. ;) Good luck!

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