Baking Mania starting from tomorrow

The blogging marathon group decided april to be its mega marathon month with baking as the theme. Yup so you will be seeing me posting 26 days in April except for Sundays. ;-) ;-) Coming to baking as I mentioned in my previous posts, I used to bake often. With three moves in the last 2 year I started using my oven as storing cabinet. ;-) Taking out things from there and baking and rearranging was so much pain and I didn’t do much of baking in the last year. But now again with the move, I have got lot of space and with this event I can get back to my baking spree again. :-)

When I was writing down 26 baked recipes, I realized I have 21 savory recipes and only 5 cakes and stuff. But if you notice you won’t find many baked dishes in my blog. The main reason behind is, I used to bake when I want to do something in a jiffy. So I won’t take pictures and stuff. That’s it, I don’t post. More than for preparing cakes, I use the oven for preparing savory items like Indian curries and stuff. Oh yeah, they are so easy to prepare. Mix everything and bake you are done. Oven helps to multi task.


As there was only 5 sweet items, I thought why not use this event and learn something new? So I will posting both sweet and savory items and some bookmarked recipes. Also we can post some microwave recipes. I will be posting one microwave recipe  each week.  Hope you all enjoy the series. :-) I don’t need to worry about my May month posts. Lot of sodappal/disaster stories are to come in May ;-)




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