Kiddo’s Imaginary Spaghetti

We can learn a lot from kids. I love their imagination. Are we (parents) stopping or encouraging their imagination? In my case I would say 50-50. The main reason to say no some time is because of the mess he creates and the cleanup part would be on me. He will be asking some day-to-day kitchen gadgets and stuff. I am fine with spoons, plates and stuff, but no glass ware and toasters.

Last week, he kept on asking for brown and white yarn that I was using for knitting. I said no right away and we went back and forth finally decided to give him some yarn. So gave him non-soft yarn and asked him what he is going to do with that? He said, it’s going to be a surprise amma and he is what my little fella did. – Spaghetti.

2015-01-08 07.52.39

He cut the pink yarn as spaghetti, drizzled some red paint on top which is the tomato sauce and soaked the cotton balls in brown paint and of course those are the meat balls. I would have never imagined this way. I was feeling little guilty for not giving it at the first shot.

Look here, he set up the dining table for dinner with his toy vegetables and fruits but took all the bowls and cups from kitchen. I felt so bad while cleaning it up but at the same time I can’t let it stay for a long time. :-) I ended up cleaning up.


As long as he is away from TV n iPad I am fine with this creativity but when it comes to cleaning …. Sighhhh.. God give me some more patience :-)

Between did you listen to this interview at IMC? It’s an amazing interview with Dr. Lalitha Appachu where she talks about kids behavior and education stuff.

10 thoughts on “Kiddo’s Imaginary Spaghetti

  1. Aww, how cute….He is such a talented kiddoo. Am sure it would be difficult for you to clean up things. But when you see the final output from him, it gives a lot of happiness :)

  2. Super creativity la.. And look how nearly he has arranged his stuff.. :)
    I’m not sure if this works.. But tell him that as a part of his play, he should help amma cleanup the stuff too.. If he is in the mood he might say yes.. And learnt a little about that too :)

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