NonRecipe : Me, Vaandu and Thayir Saadam (yogurt rice)

I don’t eat curd/yogurt rice. I know being a Bram how can I be like this?  How can a meal get completed without curd rice? Errrr I think I can survive. ;-) ;-)

Ok, like a typical iyer aathu ponnu (Bram girl), I was also eating curd rice regularly till 12th grade. I don’t like sour curd. So my amma make sure the curd is not sour and spoiled me giving curd rice according to my taste. (Blame it on Amma). In my UG hostel, the curd used to be so sour that I stopped eating curd rice. Instead I used to have butter milk. By the end of 4 yrs, I literally stopped eating curd rice. Amma tried to inculcate the habit again but it went in vain. This continued while working too and when I came to US my hubby tried getting me different brands/styles of yogurt but nothing worked. Honestly the yogurt here is like ice cream only. I can have them along with sugar but not with rice. My in-laws and hubby never forced any eating habits. Eat healthy and eat what you like is their motto. So I forgot the concept of curd rice itself.

Now coming to vaandu’s story, as I don’t eat curd rice, I didn’t give curd rice to this guy also. :-) :-) (What a great mom right?) But gave him lot of Gogurt (flavored yogurt tubes) and I made sure he got enough protein and probiotic, so hubby and in-laws didn’t bother about it either. Every time when I go to India, my mom and grandma used to scold me for not giving him curd rice. I just ignored telling the same that I give him flavored yogurt.

But recently this hero of mine stopped eating that also, so no yogurt in any form. I feel so bad and guilty. I should have at least tried giving him curd rice.  I am not ready to force him to eat curd rice or flavored yogurts. So I am blaming it on myself and feeling guilty as usual. :-( :-(  What all to worry about in parenting right?

Do you have any experience like this?

10 thoughts on “NonRecipe : Me, Vaandu and Thayir Saadam (yogurt rice)

  1. Same pinch Vidhya. I neither like curd rice nor sour curd to the point that I cannot have sour curds even with salt. But after a bout of stomach upsets, I made my first every curd rice and started loving the combinations with pomegranate seeds and all. :)

    • Thanks :-) Food blog nala I was little reluctant about non-recipe posts. But enda marathon I have go with that. So you will see half and half. Between in my recipe post also, the first half is vetti aratai dan ;-)

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