Plain Dosai

Dosai is one of the staple dish in Tamil Nadu. I can have dosa for breakfast, lunch and tiffin. There are different varieties of dosai.

Plain Dosai:

Ingredients: Basically the ratio of rice to urad dhal is 4:1

Boiled Rice : 4 cups
Urad dhal : 1 cup.
Methi seeds: 1 tsp (Optional)
Salt as required

  • Soak rice, urad dhal (separately) and methi seeds for 5 hours minimum and wet grind them either in mixer or regular grinder. (Dont add too much of water)
  • First grind urad dhal and then grind rice and methi seeds together.
  • Then mix both well and add salt and allow it to ferment for 8 hrs.

This is the base batter for both idly and dosa.
For dosa, if the batter is thick add little water.


And here is the video for making dosa.
The tawa plays a major role. I usually dont use the dosa tawa for making roti or parata. I keep separate tawas’s for dosai and roti.

Youtube link:


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