Instant Pot Hayagreeva Maddi | Udupi Special Hayagreeva Maddi Recipe

I wish you all a very happy and a prosperous new year. Today I am going a share a traditional Udupi dessert called Hayagreeva Maddi. It is an authentic dessert prepared with Bengal gram dal, jaggery, and ghee. To put in simple words we can call it as Channa Dal Halwa. Learn how to make this simple recipe in instant pot and also on the stove top method.  Jump to Recipe  |  Print Recipe 

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UlavaCharu Vegetable Biryani | Horse Gram Biryani

India is known for its biryani varieties. Today I am going to share a signature recipe of Andhra/Telangana. It’s the Ulava Charu Vegetable Biryani – a traditional and authentic recipe prepared with cooked horse gram water, vegetables and of course with exotic biryani spices. The highlight of this dish is that we use tamarind instead of yogurt and tomato and also we use curry leaves for this Biryani. Interesting huh? Read further to learn the recipe with step-wise pictures.

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Instant Pot Mint Rasam with Masoor Dal | Pudina Rasam | Video Recipe

Instant Pot Mint Rasam with Masoor Dal

It’s been awhile since I posted any Instant Pot recipes and traditional Indian recipes. So I today I decided to post the classic rasam recipe that I prepared in Instant Pot. Of yeah, instead of toor dal, I went with masoor dal. Here comes my Instant Pot Mint rasam with masoor dal. (I have included the pressure cooker method also in the recipe) 

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Raw Tomato Paruppu Usili | Thakkali Kai Paruppu Usili

Today I am going to share an interesting recipe which is also my Mother-In laws signature recipe. We all know about Vazhai Poo (plantain flower) paruppu Usili, beans paruppu Usili, kothavarangai(cluster beans) paruppu Usili, cabbage usili and bell pepper usili. But today I am going to share Raw Tomato or Green Tomato Paruppu Usili or as we say in Tamil Thakkali Kai Paruppu Usili. The recipe is very similar to beans paruppu usili that I posted earlier. In my beans usili recipe, I shared how to steam the usili in Microwave and here I am going to share how to prepare the usili in the traditional way with green tomatoes.

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Samai Paruppu Saadam | Little Millet Lentil Rice | Kongu Nadu special

Arisi Paruppu sadam or the lentil rice is one of the popular recipes from the Kongu Nadu Region of Tamil Nadu. It’s a quick one pot meal prepared with rice which I replaced with little millet and toor dal. It’s a prefect weekday dinner or lunch box recipe which can be prepared easily. We love this with appalam or chips. But this can be served with pickle or raita or with your favorite veggie. This recipe is a complete meal by itself.


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Karuvadaam Vathal Kuzhambu

Vathal Kuzhambu – spicy and tangy and lip-smacking tamarind gravy prepared with sun dried fryums and it is one of the common recipes in Tamil Nadu households. It’s doesn’t require any vegetables, also no toor dal (you can add it for tempering though) which obviously means no pressure cooking and also no coconut. All you need is sundried fryums or vathals as we say in Tamil, tamarind juice, sambar powder and you can prepare this in a jiffy. I have already posted Manathakkali Vathal Kuzhambu and also Ariachu vitta Manathakkali Vathal Kuzhambu. Here is my third vathal Kuzhambu recipe with Karuvadaam. 



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Karuvadagam | Karuvadaam | Kuzhambu Vadagam

Karuvadaam or Karuvadagam or Kuzhambu Vadaam is a popular recipe from Tamil Nadu which is nothing but sun dried fryums prepared with urad dal and black eyed peas (traditionally red black eyed peas or as we say kaaramani in Tamil is used. But I went with what I had in my pantry – white ones)  Fried Karuvadagams are used as rice accompaniment but they go very well in Vathal Kuzhambu. Karuvadaam Vathal Kuzhambu and Sutta Appalam (roasted papad) is an awesome combination. (Karuvadaam Vathal Kuzhambu recipe coming tomorrow)


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