Vegetarian Jambalaya

After the rich and scrumptious festive foods, all I want is some simple, light, healthy and easy one pot meal. Today I am going to share one such recipe – Vegetarian Jambalaya with left over rice, yes I prepared it with left over rice. According to wiki, Jambalaya is a dish of Louisiana origin of Spanish and French. For me it reminded me of vegetable and rajma pulao. I served this with tortilla chips and it became a filling and a complete meal.

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Vegetable Kothu Parotta

First I posted Parotta, then came Salna and today obviously it has to be Kothu Parotta right? It’s a great left over recipe. You need both the parotta and salna for this recipe along with other veggies. I tried to prepare it like the Saravana Bhavan Style Kothu Parotta where they add garbanzo beans and bell peppers to this recipe. I love the crunchiness from the veggies  and the flavor from salna makes is delicious.


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Dal Paratha

Dal Paratha

Whenever I cook dal, I always make sure I will have some left overs, so that I can prepare this dal paratha. If I cook dal my family knows what will be for breakfast or lunch the next day. It’s the dal paratha. Parathas are great way to sneak in veggies for kids and with this dal paratha you can sneak in dal too. Spicy dals will be the best bet for these parathas.

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Oggarane Anna

Happy Thanksgiving. It feels like I wrote this Thankful Post recently but its been a year and touchwood whatever I mentioned there hasn’t changed at all.( Once again thanks to all :-) Oggarane in Kannada means tadka and in Tamil it’s the thaalipu. By now you would have guessed what this recipe all about is; yes it’s the super simple tadka rice (Kannada style) and one of the popular and easy Karnataka recipes.

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Left Over Rice Fryums | Rice Vadagam

Summer is the perfect season for preparing fryums, vathals and of course home made rasam and sambar powders. Why not utilize the sun completely and sun dry the ingredients? Here is one such Vathal or Fryum recipe which is prepared with left over rice. A great way to use the left over rice. All you need to do is grind the rice with salt and chillies and then add onions and sun dry it. That’s it. It is as simple as that. You can prepare them in bulk during summer and store them.


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Quinoa – Spinach – Rajma Burrito with Baked Tortilla Chips

I wanted to prepare one Mexican combo for this week’s theme. That’s when I got this recipe from my colleague – Quinoa and spinach burrito. The recipe was super simple and very healthy so I thought of trying it right away for the International combo. And you know what prepared a huge batch of my slow cooker rajma so thought using the rajma gravy instead of boiled/canned beans. To my surprise Spinach and quinoa cooked with a hint of oregano and combined with rajma was really great. My sous chef, Mr. Vaandu approved it ate one whole burrito without any complaints and made feel proud. (Touch-wood)


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Roti roll with potato curry

2015-01-24 20.49.13

I got this idea of roti rolls from Ani. Best way to sneak in vegetables and easy to pack for lunch also. I wanted to add a little twist to the regular curry so thought of making it like frankie. I wanted to say this is completely my version of aloo frankie. I have never been to Mumbai and never tasted a frankie there. Just including the ingredients according to our likes.

I used the left over potato-onion curry for this roll. You can find the recipe here. I used big jeera or fennel seeds while tempering.

Here is what you need for the roll: (Please adjust the measurements according to your taste)


  • Potato Onion Curry – 1 tbsp for each roti
  • Ketchup – 1 tsp for each roti
  • Sev – 2 tsps for each roti (You can also use crushed peanuts)
  • Rotis


  • Warm the roti and first spread the ketchup

2015-01-24 20.36.09

  • In one corner, place 1 tbsp of the aloo curry and sprinkle some sev, peanuts and cilantro.

2015-01-24 20.43.44

  • Roll it like a burrito as shown in the picture.

2015-01-24 20.47.37

Thats it yummy and mess free aloo frankie is ready. Perfect for lunch box too.


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