Gujiya | Baked Mawa Gujiya with Condensed Milk Glaze


For the alphabet “G,” I am going to share a baked recipe from India. It’s the festive special Gujiya.  It’s the traditional gujiya prepared in the microwave and conventional oven.  I made the inner filling with milk powder, nuts, and condensed milk.  The condensed milk glaze adds shine to this baked gujiyas which in turn makes it more inviting and decadent and you won’t even feel that it’s baked. 

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Ragi Malpua

The second recipe that I am going to post under the “Holi Recipe” theme is the Ragi Malpua. Malpua is a sweet pancake which is quite famous in Orissa, but it found its way to the other states and now it has become a popular dessert throughout India. Instead of frying the malpua, I prepared them like regular dosa and stuffed it with grated coconut – nut filling. Also, I made it with Ragi flour, Wheat flour, and Oats flour thus making diabetic friendly.

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Baked Methi Mathri

Holi, the festival of colors is in a couple of weeks’ time, and when I saw Holi Recipes as one of the Blogging Marathon themes for this month, without any second thought, I picked it up. All the chaats and snacks, fall under the Holi recipe category, and I have posted most of them last September. This time, I wanted to keep it simple and healthy yet delicious.  So I am starting off with perfect tea time snack – Methi Mathri, precisely Baked Methi Mathri. 

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Javvarisi Payasam | Sago Kheer | Saggubiyyam Payasam

Kheer or Payasam is one of the quintessential recipes, in particular, on the festive days. And the South Indian Thali is incomplete without the kheer or payasam. When I was browsing through my payasam archives, I realized that I hadn’t posted the sago kheer or javvarisi payasam as we say in Tamil. Sago Kheer is my go to neivediyam recipes on most of my Thursday pooja. Sago is the tapioca pearl, and it is one of the widely used food ingredients during fasting days. With Holi festival coming up, I thought of posting it sooner than later. :-)

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Carrot Halwa |Gaajar Ka Halwa

 Happy Holi to you all. :-)

Gajar ka halwa or Carrot halwas is also known as gajrela and it is a sweet prepared with carrots, milk and sugar and garnished with nuts which are sautéed in ghee. This is a popular North Indian dessert and it was introduced by the Mughals. This is one of the main recipes and it is prepared for Diwali, Holi, and Ed. Because of its ease of making, it is very popular worldwide and there is lot of variations to this recipe and here is mine with sweet condensed milk.

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Rava Kesari | Holi special

Happy Holi !!!!


I know I am late but wait.. I am in PST time zone so its still Holi ;-) ;-) One advantage of living in PST time zone :-) I wish I could be in India for these festivals. How do I teach these Indian culture to my kiddo? Am I an IBCP ?? (Indian Born Confused Parent) or My kiddo will be a ABCD? American Born Confused Desi??? Why am I using these terms? Effect of reading “R2I – dreams for here or to go”. Read my review here and can you believe, I spoke with these three authors too. Actually interviewed them. :-) :-) Yes not one author but three authors. I did struggle a bit but altogether it was a wonderful experience it was fun talking to them and to know their thought process behind the book. You can listen to the interview here. Do enter the giveaway, we have 10 kindle copies to giveaway.

I didn’t plan to make anything special for Holi. But suddenly had this urge to make some sweet so made this easy rava kesari. As it was holi, used some edible food colors but thats completely optional.

The ratio of rava to water and sugar is 1:2.


  • Rava/sooji – 2 cups
  • Water – 4 cups
  • Sugar – 4 cups
  • Ghee – 3 tsps
  • Handful of cashew nuts and raisins
  • Edible food color – optional
  • Fruit essence – optional (I had mango essence so added a drop of it)
  • Cardamom – 2 (crushed)


  • Roast the rava until they light brown color.


  • Heat the kadai and add 1 tsp of ghee and 4 cups of water.
  • Once the water is hot add 4 cups of sugar and mix well.
  • Let the sugar dissolve completely and now add the fruit essence if using and the crushed elaichi.
  • Also add 1 tsp of ghee and let the water boil for couple of minutes. (This helps the kesari to be non-sticky) Make sure the sugar water is in thin consistency.
  • Now slowly add the roasted rava and mix well.
  • Let the rava cook for couple of minutes but keep mixing the kesari.


  • Once the water evaporates turn of the heat.
  • Roast the cashew nuts and raisins in the remaining ghee and add it to the kesari.

Just for holi purpose, I split the kesari into three portions, added yellow and orange food colors. A simple sweet ready under 30 minutes. 5 ingredient fix too :-)


  • You can add saffron too while the water is boiling or roast it in ghee too.
  • Elaichi, fruit essence and edible food color  are completely optional.



Sprite & Jaljeera refresher

Last month when we visited one of our friends, they gave us this beverage but didn’t tell what it is. It was amazing and refreshing. I have never tasted that before.  I know has some Indian spices, but couldn’t guess. And then my friend said is sprite with JalJeera masala. 

Holi is always fun and after playing holi, you all need need something refreshing. So how about this Jal Jeera with Sprite or Mountain Dew? 

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