Aam Panna | Aam Panna with Jal Jeera Masala


I am going to share one more mango recipe today, but this time it is with green mangoes. It is the traditional drink – Aam Panna. This khatta-meeta / sweet and sour mango juice is loaded with flavors, and sure it is a fantastic relish. I won’t call mine as an authentic recipe, as I went with a different spice mix that we prefer. So here comes my version of Aam Panna. :-)

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Lemon Curd Sharbat/Sherbet with Rose Syrup | Lemon Curd Lemonade

Lemon Curd Sharbat

Glad to be back in my space, after a short break. Today I am going to share a special summer recipe – crisp, delicious and refreshing – Lemon Curd Sharbat/sherbet with rose syrup. You can make the lemon curd well ahead, and it stays good for more than one month. Once you have the lemon curd ready, you can whip this up in less than 5 minutes. If you/your kids are planning for lemonade stalls this summer, this is a great recipe for you all. :-)

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Kulukki Sarbath | Sweet and Spicy Shaken Limeade

Kulukki Sarbath is one of the popular sarbath or juice from God’s own country, Kerala, especially Cochin. Kulukki is a Malayalam word which means shaken, and sarbath, as we all know, means juice. It’s a sweet and spice shaken limeade or lemonade with basil seeds and pineapple. Here is the easy to prepare Cochin fame, Kulukki sarbath.

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Spicy Savory Tamarind Lassi

Monday, I posted sweet avocado lassi and today it’s time for salt and savory lassi. I love both salt and sweet lassi. I always prefer salt lassi especially with parathas. Here is one such tangy and spicy lassi flavored with chaat masalas – Spicy Tamarind Lassi. This is a savory/salt lassi prepared with yogurt and spiced up with chaat masalas along with tamarind and paprika.


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Avocado Lassi

Avocado lassi is a smooth, rich and creamy yogurt drink prepared with avocado, yogurt and sugar with a hint of saffron and cardamom. It’s perfect summer recipe to quench your thirst and at the same time it is filling recipe too. Believe me, it is very filling. We (I and Preethi) were able to manage with this lassi without any other food. Here comes the recipe and the story behind the recipe.  I cross posted this earlier at IMC. (Between, this week is going to be a lassi week. So stay tuned for the other delicious ones)


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Thai Iced Tea

After a long time I am posting a Thai recipe. Here is the summer special cool Thai Iced Tea recipe. I prepared this Thai Tea with store bought Thai Tea mix, which I sweetened with condensed milk and sugar and topped it up with evaporated milk and with a dash of coconut milk, Usually the Thai tea is brewed first and then sweetened and just before serving the sweetened tea is added to the crushed ice and the milks are added after. I have included the video also.


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