Vendaikai Vathal | Okra Fryums

I think I have posted quite a few Lassi recipes. :-) This is not a lassi recipe but another summer recipe following the concept of “Make Vadagams When the Sun Shines” – Lady’s Finger / Okra Fryums or Vendaikai Vathal or Sun dried Okra. It’s a super simple recipe and this can be prepared in bulk and stocked up. These okra fryums can be used in Kuzhambu varieties or it can be fried and served as rice accompaniment. I personally love it with yogurt rice.


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Karuvadagam | Karuvadaam | Kuzhambu Vadagam

Karuvadaam or Karuvadagam or Kuzhambu Vadaam is a popular recipe from Tamil Nadu which is nothing but sun dried fryums prepared with urad dal and black eyed peas (traditionally red black eyed peas or as we say kaaramani in Tamil is used. But I went with what I had in my pantry – white ones)  Fried Karuvadagams are used as rice accompaniment but they go very well in Vathal Kuzhambu. Karuvadaam Vathal Kuzhambu and Sutta Appalam (roasted papad) is an awesome combination. (Karuvadaam Vathal Kuzhambu recipe coming tomorrow)


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Microwave Appalam / Papad

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, here is the microwave appalam recipe. We either deep fry the appalams or roast them on stove top (sutta appalam) but this is so simple and tastes exactly like fried appalam. Guess, from whom I learnt this recipe? From my hubby. When I came to US after my marriage we stayed in an apartment which has the coil stove top and I had lot of mishaps. I was scared to fry and didn’t even appalams or pooris.  And that’s when M shared this idea with me. For three appalams you need only 2 tsps of oil. 

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Javvarisi Vadagam / Javakki Sandige / Saggubiyyam Vadiyalu – Guest Post for Aaharam

 This post was earlier cross posted in Aruna’s Aaharam blog. I did a guest post for her and here it is. Thanks again Aruna for giving me this opportunity. :-)

Aruna’s Aaharam is one among the first few blogs that I followed right after moving WordPress. I admire and love the way she brings out the authenticity of the recipes.  Along with the recipes I look forward to her write-ups to. Me being a history fanatic love her write-ups especially the Indian travel tales. After reading this post, I wanted to travel to Himachal right away. 

Another post that took me back to history was this. Her blog has great vegetarian recipes and picking my favorite is very hard. The one in my to-do list is her Mysore Masala dosa. I am hoping to get to this recipe soon.

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Left Over Rice Fryums | Rice Vadagam

Summer is the perfect season for preparing fryums, vathals and of course home made rasam and sambar powders. Why not utilize the sun completely and sun dry the ingredients? Here is one such Vathal or Fryum recipe which is prepared with left over rice. A great way to use the left over rice. All you need to do is grind the rice with salt and chillies and then add onions and sun dry it. That’s it. It is as simple as that. You can prepare them in bulk during summer and store them.


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Mor Milagai / Sun Dried Chillies

 Mor Milagai is a simple recipe that can be prepared during summer and can be stocked up for the entire year. All you need for this recipe is green chillies either the lengthy ones or the round ones, butter milk and salt. All we need to do is soak them in buttermilk and sun dry them. It’s a salty and spicy dish perfect for curd rice and upma like mor koozh or puli upma.


Mor Milagai


  • Green chillies – 500 gms.
  • Buttermilk – 3-4 cups (just to immerse all the green chillies)
  • Sea Salt – 1/4 cup
  • For frying:
    • Mor milagai / sun-dried chillies – as required
    • Oil – 4 tbsps


  • Silt the green chillies slightly on the top part. (You don’t need to slit them in two, just a small part is enough)
  • Mix the green chillies, sea salt and butter milk and let it soak for 2-3 days.
  • Then drain the butter milk and sun dry till they are completely dried.
  • Store it an air tight container.

My mom usually prepares this along with vadakams during summer and along with vadagams I bring them from India.


Frying them:

  • Heat the oil and once the oil is hot, fry them  sun-dried chillies till they turn black.