Lentils and Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie | Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie


I am presenting you today – The combined goodness of lentils, vegetables, potatoes, and cheese. It is the vegetarian version of the Shepherd’s Pie aka the lentils and veggie shepherd’s pie. This kid-approved classic casserole dish is a perfect vegetarian main course meal. The process might sound lengthy, but you can do a lot of things in parallel or make ahead too. Check out my detailed post below for those options and also for the step by step pictorial recipe.

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No Bake Cranberry Sauce Cheese Cake with Agar Agar

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Last but not the least, here comes the thanksgiving dessert recipe. This is a super simple, no bake cheese cake recipe that can be whipped up in no time. Today I am presenting you my No bake cranberry cheesecake with the homemade cranberry sauce. You can find the sauce recipe here. This cheesecake is set using Agar-Agar making it suitable for vegetarians.

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Vegetarian Bread Stuffing | Thanksgiving Sides

The next thanksgiving vegetarian recipe is the bread stuffing or the thanksgiving stuffing. As the name suggests, it’s the filling that goes inside the turkey and hence the name thanksgiving stuffing. But I am going to present it as a thanksgiving side. (err main dish for vegetarians). This stuffing is usually prepared with dry bread or croutons or with left over baguette along with veggies. The main herb that is used in this recipe is the sage.

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Slow Cooker Cranberry Sauce

I am wishing you all  a very happy holiday season. With thanks giving around the corner, I would like to share some vegetarian thanks giving recipes. Last year, I posted Eggless Pumpkin pieVegetarian Thanksgiving gravy and Mashed potato. Before getting into the savory recipes, I would like to share a sweet err tart recipe first. Here is the slow cooker cranberry sauce prepared with fresh cranberries and sweetened with old fashioned syrup and sugar. Some call this as sauce and some as relish. Irrespective of the name, it will brighten up your dinner table.

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Eggless Pumpkin Pie With Good Day Biscuit Crust

Yeah you read it right –  pumpkin pie with good day biscuits crust. Kiddo is a big time pumpkin fan. He loves it in the pie, in the soup and even in sambhar. I have posted more than 10 pumpkin recipes so far (more than Brinjal) but pie is something that I have always missed. It’s because the pie never got a chance to come in front of the camera. Finally this time I had to prep the kiddo and clicked the pictures. Usually we need to let the pie sit for at least 2 to 3 hours after baking so that it gets firm. I prepare it in the night and leave it overnight. This time it didn’t go as planned and I baked in the evening and kiddo was behind me wanted it right away and I let it sit for only half an hour so that I can take pictures and serve it.

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Thanksgiving Veggie Gravy

Thanksgiving Veggie Gravy

As I mentioned yesterday, today’s recipe is a side for the mashed potato – the Thanksgiving gravy. The vegetarian version is pretty much similar to soup except for the herbs that we add. I usually add Italian herbs for most of my soups but for this one you can use fresh or dried thyme, oregano or sage. For these winter days the mashed potato with the gravy is a perfect choice. These are easy to prepare recipes.


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Mashed Potato


Green bean casserole is one among the popular recipes that is prepared for Thanksgiving. But as I posted a casserole recipe yesterday, I thought I will reserve this for later and today posting a kid’s friendly recipe – mashed potatoes. I love this recipe too. The way we cook potatoes and also how we are consuming it makes a huge difference. It’s a starchy vegetable loaded with carbs. When you have it along with protein filled diet it provides you the sufficient carbs. But when we have it with rice it adds up to our calories. As everyone say – balanced meal is the key for our health.

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