IFBC 2017 | Day 1

Blogging remotely in our comfort zone is always great. At the same time, meeting peers and other fellow bloggers become quite tricky. It becomes “it’s just you” forever. Conferences are a great way to meet other bloggers and to build the network. Today I am going to share about my first-day experience in the International food blogging conference that I attended recently in Sacramento.

Sacramento is not a new place for me, and I was looking forward to being in Sacramento and walking in the downtown streets. I was bit nervous when I entered the convention center but the moment I found my name tag I was bit relaxed, and back to normal. I introduced myself and started conversing with other bloggers. And the SanFrancisco Bay Coffee surely did help me. :-) I enjoyed all their flavors (yes I was drinking coffee all day long) 

Morning Sessions:

Every session was informative and thought-provoking. I was taking notes as though I was in college. I did click pictures but enjoyed writing too.  The keynote speech by Nick “Nicky Bobby” Papadopoulos from Crop Mobster was a great start and inspirational. He talked about the food waste and the problems of the local farmers. Be it in India or US; farmers always suffer huh?

The next session was all about how to make money from your blog. As I never explored that area, it was an informative session. Abeer and Mellissa were terrific, and they shared their approach and other possible opportunities as well.


The lunch was in the State Capitol Park in a picnic style. Nugget Market sponsored it. I met quite a few bloggers and had a great time chitchatting with them. Some of the bloggers I met were Ramya, Ayesha,Tim, and great 8 friends.

Food Discovery Session – The Original Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

One of the vendors who came all way from Italy was the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. I never knew how to prepare balsamic vinegar and was ignorant about aged balsamic vinegar. I learned about the balsamic vinegar preparation. We got a chance to taste the fresh one and the aged one and how to differentiate them with their aroma. I gulped down the raw balsamic vinegar, and I liked it. ;-) We also received Aged balsamic vinegar as a compliment. I can’t wait to use it.

Afternoon Sessions:

The next session was with Stefani Pollack, and it was all about Instagram. I know it’s a big beast and it needs constant taming with love and care.  What I liked about these speakers was, they were kind enough to share all their tactics, and I can’t thank them enough.

Food Tasting

As part of the conference, I did receive a gift suite with all the products, and I am eagerly looking forward to using them one by one. Stay tuned for the updates on Instagram. I cannot skip the local food tasting on day 1. I was genuinely amazed by the vegan and vegetarian options, and I enjoyed every bite. Be it the avocado toast or the quinoa orange salad or the Idaho potato chips or the Vegan Thai soup or the caramel brittles. I was stuffed with all the food I ate. I should agree Sacramento is the farm to fork capital.

Food Tasting

Stay tuned for my Day 2 experience. :-)

3 thoughts on “IFBC 2017 | Day 1

  1. Sounds amazing Sri! It takes a lot of courage to step out of our cocoon and get that networking going right? I am a big introvert when it comes to networking with strangers – I dont know how or if I will ever change.

    • The first day especially for the first couple of hours I had that jittery but after that it was ok. Everything about food and it was fun. :-) You will automatically change when you attend these meetups.

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