Veggie Dumplings with Wanton Wraps

 A couple of weeks ago, Vaandu asked me to pack veggie dumplings with toothpick (???) for his lunch. I don’t remember him trying out veggie dumplings before. Not sure if any of his friends bought it for lunch. Anyways when he asked that for lunch, I told him that I will try it once for dinner before packing it for lunch. With Navratri, I couldn’t try that at all. This weekend he started asking for it again and I realized I cannot postpone anymore. I have postponed already for two weeks. I was very tired this Sunday and I didn’t want to do everything from scratch. So when I browsed for shortcuts, the first recipe that came was Alton Brown’s steamed dumplings. I love semi-homemade recipes. I have already written enough about the puff pastry sheets and how they save a lot of time on weekdays or when you don’t have time to start from scratch, especially for puffs. Wanton wraps fall under the same category. It’s a great ingredient to have in your fridge. 

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