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Here are my book and product reviews. These are my personal opinion and I have not received any remuneration for these reviews. To read more please click the image or title or the excerpt.

Book Review: The Story of our Food 


Book Cover

As I mentioned you will be seeing couple non-recipe posts this month and here is the first one. When I was reading the background of Idiyappam and its references in Ponniyin Selvan I came across this book and got fascinated right away. My interest in historical novels, attributed to my interest in history of food […]

Book Review: My Mother’s Kitchen – A novel with recipes

My Mother’s kitchen : a Novel with Recipes is an informative book and a great read. It is all about Meena’s childhood memories set in the background of God’s own country, Kerala. It’s the story about her family, her siblings, her nannies, her friends and her kin.[…]

Product Review: Thermos

Thermos Product


Back to school ad campaign started here in US. My kiddo started his KG. I don’t know how the time flew. Everyone will be getting ready to the regular school mode and mom like me would have already  started worrying what to pack for lunch.[…]

Product Review: Pressure Cooker Seperators

Pressure Cooker Separators

Pressure Cooker Separators

One of the kitchen gadget, rather I should say vessel that I can not live without is pressure cooker and its separators. When I first came to US, I didn’t bring any pressure cooker. My husband said that rice cooker and microwave are sufficient, and we don’t need pressure cooker. […]

Vinegar for Cleaning

Vinegar for Cleaning

Along with my regular bulk purchases in Costco, I buy Vinegar in bulk too. So I get two of the above.
Wait wait, I don’t use them for cooking but for cleaning. Apart from cooking, vinegar can be used as a cleaning agent and it’s a great cleaning agent. Nothing can be matched to vinegar when it comes to cleaning. […]

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