The San Francisco Ferry Building Market Place

Whenever friends and family come over to place, we take them to San Francisco. What to say about this city? It is the financial center of CA, restaurant city and the home of Giants and 49ers. :-)

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I am not going to talk about this city, but just about one place – The Ferry Building Market Place. The Ferry building or the Pier 1 is the port of SFO. Every time we go with friends, we just see this place from outside and directly go to Pier 39, which is the fisherman’s wharf and from where most the city tours start.

When I saw this episode of Ina Garten, I was so surprised. The Ferry Building Marketplace is located along the Embarcadero at the foot of Market Street. I am living so close to this place and I don’t need to drive even. Take Bart (Train) and get down in Embarcadero and less than a mile walk, I am there at SFO ferry building market place.  We started to go to SFO exclusively for this market place.

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So what we get here or what’s the specialty? In short I would say its food lover’s paradise.  Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday you have farmers market. You get locally grown fresh produce. You can find artisans cheese, breads, flavored olive oils, ice creams, restaurants, flavored vinegar, and of course fish and meat and more. I am sure I might have missed something. You can find the list of shops here. When you enter the ferry building you will be    welcomed with the smell of cheese, fresh bread and cookies and freshly brewed coffee.

What we do here?

  •         Get a piping hot coffee and mac n cheese for the kiddo and enjoy them watching the ferries depart.
  •         Go to the exclusive mushroom shop to see the different varieties of mushroom.
  •         Taste different varieties of olive oils and bread.
  •         Wait in the biggggg queue, minimum half an hour at Humphryslocombe to get the plain vanilla ice-cream. It may be plain vanilla but the richness and creamy texture yummmmm

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  •         Visit the farmers market and get fresh fruits.

If you visit SFO, do allocate some time for this marketplace. You can even plan your brunch/lunch here.

See who I found in the building? The Father of our Nation. You can read about this statue more here.

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  2. We loved this market place. Not been here since 2011. I remember we had gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and we enjoyed watching the seagulls outside! Makes me want to go back. Mushroom store – that would be where I would go.

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