Sambar Vadai | Two in One Recipe Post

Sambar Vadai – the crispy deep fried savory snack soaked in the hot piping lentil sambar is one of my favorite comfort food and I can enjoy it for any meal.  The crispy vada when soaked in sambar becomes super soft and melts down as you chew it and the taste of the sambar vada depends completely upon the sambar. (Obviously right?) Here come my tiffin sambar 3, and the sambar vadai recipe. (Friendly warning, lengthy post ahead)


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Adai – Aviyal one of the best combo available in tiffin items. Adai is the lentil dosa prepared with rice, toor dal, channa dal along with urad dal and spiced up with chillies. I like to eat adai with honey and my husband with jaggery and ghee. No matter what your side dish is, adai is yummy and healthy by itself.  It belongs to dosa family and it includes toor dal and channa dal making it comparatively healthier than dosa.

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