Weekend day trip and the Picnic menu

God, its already september and I dunno where all the time flew. Eventhough I didn’t sign up for any marathon, last month was really crazy. So this month I am going to take it easy. Planning to post more about food, my sodappal stories and of course recipes too. Here is my first post for september.2014-08-30 09.00.06

So this saturday, we thought of doing a day trip to Pfeiffer beach in Big Sur. We happily started at around 9:30AM and reached at 12:45PM. But the beach was closed due to long weekend crowding. The parking lot was so full, that they had to close the beach. As there were lot of other beaches close by, we ended up going to Andrew Molera state beach. It was great fun and we had good time. Coming to the food, this was our picnic basket. Our favorites. Nothing can beat puliodarai and curd rice combo :-)

2014-08-30 09.02.02

  1. Puliodarai – Tamarind rice made from the traditional gojju
  2. Curd rice
  3. Store bought ginger pickle
  4. Chips (we go it on the way)

I made puliodarai for vinayaka chaturthi, so it was easy for me to pack on saturday morning. Our friends who came over on friday, bought loads of curd rice. So my packing became very easy. :-)

Enjoy and have a great week ahead.

Tamarind Rice Paste | Puliodarai Gojju | Pulikaichal

 Puliodarai is one of the famous South Indian recipes, and today I am going to share our how to make puliodarai paste or mix which we call as pulikaichal. In simple words, pulikaichal is the thick homemade gravy prepared with puli/tamarind and assorted spices which form the base of the puliodarai or tamarind rice or the puli saadam. I am happy to share our family recipe here. Now let’s learn how to prepare the pulikaichal.

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