Sakkarai Pongal

Sakkarai Pongal or the Sweet Jaggery rice is a traditional South Indian dish prepared with rice, moong dal, jaggery, and milk. It’s a popular neivediyam/prasadam meaning offering to God, and it is made often for various festivals in South India. Let me now share how to make this dish in the stove-top pressure cooker with minimal effort.


Sweet Jaggery Rice


4 servings


South Indian


50 min




So good!


You will need:

– yellow moong dal – rice washed and drained  – water – milk – jaggery powdered – edible camphor – cardamoms crushed – ghee melted. divided – cashews – raisins


Simple & easy-to-follow


Step 1

– Heat the pressure pan and add melted ghee. Then add the cashews and raisins. When raisins bulge and cashews turn light brown, transfer it to a plate and set it aside. – Now in the same pan, add melted ghee, moong dal and roast until it turns light brown.

Step 2

– Turn off the heat as soon as the moong dal turns light brown.

Step 3

– Now add the washed rice and water.

Step 4

– Pressure cook. Turn off the heat and let the pressure subside and then open the lid.

Step 5

– Mash the rice and lentils well.

Step 6

– Now add the milk, ghee, powdered jaggery, crushed cardamoms, and edible camphor.

Step 7

– Mix thoroughly and cook the pongal over medium low heat, scraping the bottom and sides from time to time.

Step 8

– At this stage, add more ghee and cook a bit longer. Then turn off the heat. Again, mix frequently while the pongal is cooking. It will slowly thicken.


– Let it cool a bit and then add the roasted cashews and raisins. Mix well and serve warm!


Ven Pongal

Vella Sadam




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