Vada Curry

Crispy masala vadai simmered in flavorful onion-tomato-coconut gravy! This vadacurry or vadakari is a popular recipe from Tamil Nadu and a perfect accompaniment for idli and dosa.


South Indian Vada Curry


6 servings


Tamil Nadu


3 h 5 m




Rich & flavorful


You will need:

For the vadai – hana dal – red chilies – water – asafoetida – turmeric – onion – fennel seeds – cilantro – curry leaves – rice flour – salt  – oil

You will also need:

For the curry To grind – poppy seeds – cinnamon bark/stick – cloves – cardamom – fennel seeds – coconut – water For the gravy – oil – mustard seeds – onion – ginger garlic paste – curry leaves – tomatoes  – salt – turmeric – water  – sambar powder – cilantro


Simple & easy-to-follow


Step 1

– Soak the chana dal and dried red chilies in water.

Step 2

– Drain the water from the chana dal and add it to the mixer jar. Tear the soaked red chilies pieces and add them as well.

Step 3

– Using pulse mode, grind the batter coarsely. Transfer it to a bowl and add the onion, crushed fennel seeds, asafoetida, turmeric, rice flour, salt, cilantro, and curry leaves. Mix well, and the batter is ready.

StepS 4-5

– Heat the oil for frying in a kadai. Drop a small piece of vadai batter into the oil.  – Wet your palms and shake off the excess water. Take a small lime/gooseberry size vadai mixture like below.

Step 6

– And flatten it into a small pattie and slowly and carefully drop it into the oil.

Step 7

– Let fry and then slowly flip.

Step 8

– Fry until the vada turns golden brown over medium to medium-low heat.

Step 9

– Similarly, flatten and fry the vada with the remaining batter. Drain the fried vadai on a kitchen towel. 

Step 10

– Prepare the fresh masala paste. Soak the poppy seeds, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and fennel seeds in water.  – Add the grated coconut and grind it into a smooth paste by adding water. and set it aside.

Step 11

– Prepare the gravy. Heat a pan and add oil. When the oil is hot, add the mustard seeds and let them splutter. Then add the chopped onion, curry leaves, and ginger-garlic paste. Cook until the onion turns soft.

Step 12

– Now add the chopped tomatoes, ground turmeric, and salt. Add water, cover, and cook until the tomatoes are soft and mushy.

Step 13

– Add the sambar powder and mix well. Cook the gravy for a bit longer.

Step 14

– Add the ground coconut paste.

Step 15

– Add water and simmer the gravy.

Step 16

– In parallel, take vada and chop them into four pieces or big chunks. Add this vada to the gravy.


– Add water and mix well. Simmer the gravy again. Finally, add the cilantro and turn off the heat. Vadacurry is ready, and serve it with idli or dosa.


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