Tamarind Rice Paste

A zesty South Indian condiment bursting with tangy tamarind and aromatic spices! Learn how to make tamarind rice paste with detailed step-wise pictures. Enjoy the flavorsome journey of making and relishing this traditional South Indian delicacy!

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45 mins

South Indian

Main Course





– tamarind paste  – water – coriander seeds – chana dal – dried chilies – sesame seeds – gingelly oil – mustard seeds – urad dal – chana dal – fenugreek seeds – peanuts – red chilies – turmeric powder – asafoetida – jaggery – rasam powder – salt or to taste – curry leaves



– If you are using tamarind flesh, soak the tamarind in water and extract the thick juice. If using a paste, then mix the paste in water and set aside. – Roast the coriander seeds, red chilies, and chana dal without oil until fragrant. Reduce the heat, add the sesame seeds roast, and turn off the heat.


– Let the sesame seeds pop in the residual heat. We don’t need to roast the sesame seeds for too long.


– Allow it to cool.


– Grind the roasted spices and rasam powder without adding water.


– In the same kadai/heavy-bottomed pan, add the gingelly oil. – Add mustard seeds, chana dal, urad dal, fenugreek, curry leaves, and red chilies when the oil is hot.


– Sesame oil becomes frothy after adding the mustard seeds, which is normal. After a couple of minutes, add the peanuts, turmeric powder and hing. Allow the peanuts to turn golden brown.


– Reduce the heat to low and carefully add the tamarind extract and salt.


– Let it simmer for five minutes or until the raw smell of tamarind is gone.


– After that, add the prepared spice powder and the jaggery and allow it to cook well over a low flame till oil separates from the mixture.


– Ensure you stir the mix. – Turn off the heat and allow it to cool. Store it in an air-tight container.

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