Sathu Maavu

A diabetic-friendly homemade health mix or sathu maavu prepared with five ingredients. With the goodness of barley, green moong dal, whole wheat, boiled rice, and roasted gram dal, this kanchi maavu is sure to be a healthy and fiber-rich breakfast option.

Recipe Snapshot


1 kilo

1 h 10 m

South Indian






– Whole wheat – Green moong dal – Parboiled rice – Roasted gram / pottukadalai – Barley ...



– Heat a kadai or heavy bottom pan, add the green gram dal, and dry roast until you can smell the aroma. Remove it from the kadai and let it cool. – Add the whole wheat and dry roast until they pop out. Remove it from the pan and let it cool.


– Next, add the boiled rice. Let it roast until the rice turns light brown. Once the rice turns brown, remove it from the kadai and let it cool. – Now add the barley and dry.


– Remove the barley and reduce the heat. Add the roasted gram dal and dry roast over low flame for one minute. – Let all the ingredients cool and grind them all together. After grinding, do not close the lid. Let the mix cool.


– Mix kanchi powder with water. Cook till it thickens. – Let it cool. – Swipe up for the next step depending on whether you want it sweet or savory.


– Enjoy!

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