Muga Mole Randayi | Konkani Special Sprouted Mung Dal Curry

A protein-rich rice accompaniment prepared with sprouted green gram and kohlrabi with the fresh ground coconut masala. Wondering what it is? It is the Konkani special Muga Mole Randayi or Sprouted Mung Dal Curry. If you are looking for sambar alternatives and that too, a kid-approved one, and a no onion no garlic one, then look no further. Check the detailed recipe below, and I am sure you will be adding this to your recipe repertoire.

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Alasande Saaru Upkari | Konkani Black Eyed Peas Curry


Are you looking for easy recipes that incorporate beans and legumes? Then here is one such recipe for you – Saaru Upkari or Black Eyed Peas Curry is a yet another Konkani delicacy prepared with black-eyed peas flavored with garlic tempering. A recipe can’t get any easier than this. Check out the detailed stepwise picture recipe of Konkani fame saaru upkari.  Jump to Recipe or  Print Recipe 

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Instant Pot Sultani Dal

Last but not the least, here comes a super-rich, creamy dal from the state of Uttar Pradesh. A dal can’t get any richer than this. It’s the smoky flavored Sultani dal prepared with split pigeon peas, yogurt, milk and cream, butter and of course ghee. Yes, we need all those dairy products for this dal. I said it’s a smoky flavored dal too. :-) Check out the detailed recipe and how to add the smoky flavor to this dal.

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Instant Pot Daineiiong | Meghalaya Style Dal with Sesame Seeds


I am going to share the last dal recipe from the North Eastern states. It is the daineiiong from Meghalaya.It is pronounced as Dai-Nei-Iong, and it is one of the staple foods of Khasi tribe of Meghalaya. So what is Daineiiong? It’s the Meghalaya style dal prepared with lentils and black sesame seeds. Here comes my version daineiiong with brown masoor dal and toor dal.

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Instant Pot Dosakaya Pappu | Yellow Cucumber Dal


After posting quite a few North Indian and North Eastern state recipes, I am back with a South Indian recipe. This dal is one among the comfort and staple food of Andhra/Telangana region. It’s the Dosakaya Pappu / the yellow cucumber dal. It is a flavorful lentil curry prepared with split pigeon peas and yellow cucumber. Here is instant pot and pressure cooker version of the simple yet delicious dosakaya pappu.

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Instant Pot Ghugni | Black Chickpeas Stew


Today I am going to share a traditional recipe that is quite popular in Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Assam, and Bengal of course with its own variation. The one that I am going to share is the Bihari version. It is the Kala channa Ghugni or the black chickpeas stew. Traditionally it is served with puffed rice as an evening snack but what I learnt was you can serve this with roti, poori, and any other Indian bread too. Check out my simple instant pot version of the Bihari/Jharkhand Ghugni.

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