Raw Tomato Paruppu Usili | Thakkali Kai Paruppu Usili

Today I am going to share an interesting recipe which is also my Mother-In laws signature recipe. We all know about Vazhai Poo (plantain flower) paruppu Usili, beans paruppu Usili, kothavarangai(cluster beans) paruppu Usili, cabbage usili and bell pepper usili. But today I am going to share Raw Tomato or Green Tomato Paruppu Usili or as we say in Tamil Thakkali Kai Paruppu Usili. The recipe is very similar to beans paruppu usili that I posted earlier. In my beans usili recipe, I shared how to steam the usili in Microwave and here I am going to share how to prepare the usili in the traditional way with green tomatoes.

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Journey Through Tamil Nadu Cuisine | The A-Z Recipes – A Round Up

This is the recipe round-up of the Journey through Tamil Cuisine | A-Z recipes. You can read about this blogging marathon and about Tamil Nadu cuisine here. I really enjoyed this blogging marathon and also enjoyed reading about other cuisines and recipes from the other participants.  I created a separate Pinterest board for this A-Z cuisine and you can follow the board and get all these recipes directly from there too.

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Yam Roast | Senai Varuval | Elephant Foot Yam Curry

Yam Roast or Elephant foot yam roast  or as we say in Tami Senai / Chenai varuval is a mild roasted dry curry which is a great side for any sambar varieties (I love it especially with Vathal Kuzhambu) and also for rasam varieties. It’s hard to find this veggie here in US, so I always keep a frozen packet of chopped yam in my freezer. Chopping this vegetable takes time. But with diced frozen pack, this curry can be prepared under 30 minutes. During weekdays, at times I opt for semi-homemade preparations and this is one among them. I prepare this at least once a week. We all love this simple and mild roast.


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Xanthan Gum | Vegan Mango Ice Cream Using Xanthan Gum

Here we are, with the difficult alphabet ‘X’. I am posting an ice-cream recipe today with Xanthan Gum and also some additional information about the same. This is a vegan homemade ice-cream prepared with coconut milk, alphonso mango pulp and almond milk without Ice-cream maker.  Xanthan Gum is used here to obtain the creamy texture. Half a teaspoon is more than enough for this ice-cream.


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Vepampoo Rasam | Dried Neem Flower Rasam

 Vepampoo or Dried neem flowers are known for their health benefits. This is a very mild rasam and prepared similar to goddu rasam and tempered with dried neem leaves in the end. It is a mix between paruppu rasam and goddu rasam; this rasam uses cooked toor dal water instead of mashed toor dal itself. This is a mild soup and great a rice accompaniment too.

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Ulundu Vadai | Urad Dal Vada

Ulunda Vadai or Medu Vadai or Urad dal Vada is a deep fried savory recipe prepared with Urad dal / black lentils, spiced up with green chillies. These vadas are very common in the evening snack menu of many restaurants and also it is a popular combo tiffin item especially Pongal – Vada and Idly – Vada. Along with Masala vadai you can find these delicacies too, pretty much in all the tea stalls in TN. Also these vadas are prepared on festival days too. I usually skip onions, if I am preparing it during festival days.


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Thenkuzhal Murukku

Thenkuzhal or Thenguzhal is one of the varieties of murukku. Murukku is a Tamil word which means twisted. Murukku got this name of because it’s twisted shape. There are different varieties of murukku like mullu murukku, kai murukku, coconut milk murukku, manapaarai murukku etc. Thenkuzhal is a light and crispy murukku prepared with rice flour and urad dal flour and the main thing is, this murukku is white it color when compared to the other ones which are brown and golden brown. No chilly powder is required for this murukku.


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Sevai | Homemade Sevai / Rice vermicelli with Rice Flour

Sevai or Santhakai or Santhavai is one of the popular rice vermicelli recipes from Tamil Nadu. According to wiki, it is popular in Kongunadu region of Tamil Nadu. In Kannada it is called shyavige or shavige. Sevai is prepared from home made rice flour but I am preparing it with store bought rice flour using the traditional Sevai presser or Nazhi.

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