IFBC 2017 | Day 2

Today I am going to share my second-day experience at IFBC 2017. You can read about the host city Sacramento here and my first-day experience here. The second day was much more fun and comfortable, and I was delighted to see all the blogger friends again. We bloggers decided to attend different sessions and to share notes. Isn’t that great? I liked the idea, and I was all up for it.

Food Styling:

Before getting into the info sessions, I would like to share this fantastic food styling session where we learned about the avocados from Chile. I love avocados, and I finally discovered the right way of picking them. :-) (Better late than never huh?). I paired up with Anushree for the avocado styling and oh boy we had a fun time making the avocado rose. I was amazed by the culinary techniques. I wish I could go to culinary school just to learn these techniques. :-) Wondering what we did with that avocado rose? We gobbled it up with some chips as soon as the styling was done. Come on, no food waste, right?

Sessions that I attended:

The first session I attended was Jenifer Bourn’s why bloggers need to know SEO. I liked this session and learned a lot of valuable information. I also attended the Google Analytics course later that day by Cort Tafoya. One thing for sure, it is hard to keep up with the giant Google and its algorithms. :-)

Some of the second-day sessions were more like panel style where the speakers shared their experiences. Be it how they increased the traffic or how their blogs helped them and opened up new doors in the food/travel industry. It was great.

Like everyone, I always love to hear everyone’s experience, the path they traveled and of course their success stories. These stories inspire me and keep me motivated. That’s what the IFBC event did precisely. I learned a lot, and in fact, I was overwhelmed with all the information that I received. Now I need to process them, draft and implement the same. :-) A long way to go but thank you IFBC for organizing the valuable conference. 

IFBC is heading from Sacramento to New-Orleans next year. You can find the details here at IFBC website. Ending this post with my favorite quote. 

But I have promises to keep,   
And miles to go before I sleep,   
And miles to go before I sleep.
 – Robert Frost

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