The Farm to Fork Capital

SACRAMENTO – the mere name makes me all nostalgic. The tower cafe, the restaurants on Broadway(especially the Andy Nugyens), the state capitols, the tree-clad downtown, Java City, the fresh fruits and vegetable stands, UC Davis Children’s hospital and last but not the least the Sac State. :-) If I can call someplace as my hometown in the USA, then it has to be Sacramento. I spent the two most hectic yet meaningful years of my life in Sacramento. Yes, I am a proud Sac State Alumni, and if you ask me to write about the city of trees – Sacramento, I can keep writing about it. :-)

We all know, Sacramento is known as the city of trees and of course the Capital of California, but it is also the Farm to Fork Capital of America. I inherited the gardening interest from my mom, but it got nurtured here in Sac. I set up my very first home garden here in Sacramento. With a fantastic weather, the Sacramento Valley is known as an agricultural powerhouse and agriculture is done all year round. The region is also home to more than 40 regional farmers markets, and the local restaurants make avail of this abundant produce, and they serve fresh seasonal food all the time. It is truly the farm to fork capital.

Wondering why I am talking about Sacramento all of a sudden? Because, this year, the international food blogging conference (IFBC 17) is at the farm to fork capital, Sacramento and guess what, I am attending the conference too. :-) Yayyyyyy 5 more days to go. This year the International Food Blogger Conference is taking place from September 29 – October 1, 2017, in Sacramento. I have been waiting for this conference from last September, from the moment I booked my tickets.

I received the attendee packet last week, and I am excited. I am all set for the informative sessions and to meet other foodies. There are a lot of amazing sessions, and I am not sure which one to pick and which one to skip. I wish there weren’t many choices. :-) Just check the agenda here and the speakers here, and you will know why I am in such a fix. Now coming back to the sponsors, A big thanks to all of them and without them, I couldn’t have bought a discounted ticket. :-) Stay tuned for my IFBC’17 experience. More posts are coming up after the conference. :-) Follow me on my Instagram for live stories and more. 

This is the first post of the three-part series that I agreed to write about the conference when I signed up. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

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