FSSAI Licensing requirements for Food Business in India

If you are looking to start a food business in India, you have to follow a set of rules defined by FSSAI. FSSAI is licensing authority which is responsible for maintaining Quality of Food Products in India.

Food Safety & Standards Authority of India has defined a set of rules on packing & labeling the food products. To furnish such requirement, FSSAI has been defined the regulations for all FBOs. Under this, it has been made compulsory for food operators to display the FSSAI License/Registration number on food packets or premises.

A food business operator can be involved in many roles like a retailer, manufacturer, wholesaler, marketer, re-labelers and etc.  It is legally mandatory to all such business operators to follow the guidelines that are defined by the concerned authority. The government has not only instructed all FBO to mention their FSSAI registration/license on their products clear & visible but also given the below direction to them to mention the following: –

  • Date of Manufacturing
  • Best Before date
  • Use by date
  • Date of packaging
  • Lot/Code/Batch number
  • Vegetarian or Non- vegetarian food
  • Principal Display panel

While the packaging of food products, the quality of its containers (metal or plastic) should be properly inspected & checked. All such packets should display the Indian Standard specification on its products. Food containers should be properly packed & sealed and leak free. Separate packing guidelines have been issued by FSSAI as per their business like for Milk & its products, Edible oil, fruit and vegetable products, non-veg canned products, drinking water etc.

General directives are also issued by FSSAI for Labelling of its products. Label contents should be clear & easy to understand by its consumer. Therefore, English & Hindi languages are considered to be used while labeling the information on containers/packets. Products details described on the food containers should be accurate & correct and not mislead the consumers. The content stickers should be wrapped properly on the container that can’t be separated.  

The label on the products should mention the below details: –

  • Food Name
  • List of ingredients
  • Information on Nutritional Value
  • Declaration mark of Veg or non-veg food
  • Declaration of food additives (if any)
  • Manufacturer details with address
  • Net quantity
  • Lot/Batch/Code description
  • Manufacturing/Packing date
  • Best before date
  • Origin Country (for imported products)
  • Instruction for use.

FSSAI is taking regular steps to improve the process for offering quality & healthy products to it consumers.  More information about this regulation can be found in this article.

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