Gujarati Thali

The next thali spread in this series is the Gujarati Thali. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I learnt a lot about this cuisine in Raja Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan show. Gud or Jaggery is widely used in this cuisine, but there is a reason behind that. We all know the fact that Gujarat has a dry climate. To stay hydrated people add small amount jaggery in their food. Coming to the salt and sugar combo, when the little ones are suffering from stomach ailments, the first thing we give them in our household is water with sugar and salt as it helps in hydration. I simply love the principle our ancestors followed – Food as Medicine.

Now coming back to the thali spread, I would like to thank Smruti for helping me with the recipe picks. She explained me about the different thalis in Gujarat, and as usual, I picked the basic one, the safe bet. The Thali theme helped me to revisit my recipes, and I took this as an opportunity to re-click the pictures. I prepared Sev Tomato and Undhiyu again (errr actually undhiyu appears in our menu quite often, but the lazy me never clicked new pictures) and clicked new pictures. I am yet to edit and post them but I am glad I that I clicked the pictures.

I wanted to prepare theplas but again due to time constraint I went with roti, rather I should say Rotli. :-) Except for undhiyu which contains garlic, rest all are no onion and no garlic recipe. You can skip the garlic in undhiyu too and prepare this as complete no onion no garlic spread. 

So what I have on my plate is,

How I prepared,

There wasn’t any chopping work in this spread. I used the frozen undhiyu vegetable pack, so all I had to chop was tomatoes and tons of cilantro and of course mango. ;-) I always have oats powder in handy so except for undhiyu masala no grinding work either. One thing you got to remember is to soak the black-eyed peas, and I prepared lobia masala in my instant pot and rest all was done in 1 hour. The dessert I picked was no stove recipe, and I used all my five burners made the other recipes. :-)

Last but not the least, one more spread is coming up. Stay tuned. :-)

Submitting this post for the BM 74. Check out the other participant’s recipe here. 

20 thoughts on “Gujarati Thali

  1. Wonderful spread of dishes from Gujarat.Now i understand that why in some north indian restaurant keep small pieces of jaggery along with fenugreek at the billing counter :-)

  2. My tummy is full, just on looking at your fantastic Gujarati thali, what a wonderful spread there. So much of comforting foods to enjoy without any guilt. Very catchy thali.

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