E-Book Release | Millet Magic Unleashed

I am elated and excited to share this fantastic news with you all today. We at IMC, released the Millets Ebook today! This is my second ebook…. Yayyyy!! What a great way to start the month! This idea of posting millet recipes seeded on Mother’s day 2015. We, the members of IMC brainstormed and came up with lots of recipes, and that’s when we decided to compile all those recipes into an e-book. The millet recipe contest sure did spice it up.

Don’t forget to check out the details of the contest here and all the entries received here. Every single entry was delicious and mouthwatering. Picking the top three recipes was tough. I would like to thank all the participants once again. A special mention to R’s mom for contributing Gujarati delicacies with millets. Editors Divya and Iswarya were of great help with Kindle formatting and editing. Also, I would like to thank my family and friends for their constant support (special mention to G), and without them, this would have been impossible.

With FSACC event and Toka Box launch, the release date got postponed, but finally, I made it! And now, here it is,”Millet Magic Unleashed.” 

The E-Book is Free for this Week! Download Today! Please find the links below.

Share and spread the word and as always kindly share your valuable feedback. :-)


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