The Not So Angry Birds – The 8th Birthday Party

We celebrated Vaandu’s 8th birthday today!!! You might have guessed the theme from the title, yes, it is the Angry birds. :-) E.I.G.H.T years went in a blink. It seems like only yesterday I was holding him in my arms and I was changing his diapers and watching his first steps, first babblings etc. But time just flies and I am missing those years for sure. No matter how old he gets, he will be always our little Vaandu and Happy happy Birthday to my dear Vaandu.

This time we invited quite a few friends and due to the sudden turn of events, I had to outsource both food and cake. Luckily, we were able to arrange it at the last moment. Also, we rented a bounce house. (That’s the featured picture) Last year, I and M organized games and activities by ourselves but this I had to let it go. But it was super fun. Kids had a gala time bouncing and playing and running around and we, parents had a great time chit chatting. A much need break for all us.

Usually, I bake a cake for vaandu’s star birthday. But somehow it never comes to my blog space. One main reason is, I don’t want to test vaandu’s patience in the name photo shoot. ;-) Coming back to his birth star, I wanted to share this which I had shared already in one of my IMC Post. Being an ardent fan of Ponniyin Selvan and Harry Potter, I read those two novels again, when I was expecting. When we knew that were going to have a boy, my friends started to tease that the baby is going to be born with lighting scar. But to our surprise, he was born in the star day of “sadayam/sadabisha”, which is the star of Raja Raja Cholan. The effect of reading Ponniyin Selvan. :-) Needless to say how happy I was and I am till date. :-) I really hope he reads the novel, in Tamil.

Here is the angry bird themed cake, that we relished today…



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