Looking Back At 2015

Three more days and we will be stepping into 2016. 2015 was yet another year with lot of ups and downs but for my blog it has been a great year again. Last year I did my retrospective post and this year too I wanted to follow the tradition and here I am with my 2015 recap.  

Till May 2015 it was a huge roller coaster ride for us. This year saw us shifting house again for the third time in three years. Hopefully this is it and I can call this as my home now. We had to take some big decisions and the main lesson that I learnt this year was I have to give up something to attain something. Basically “No Pain No Gain” :-) 

Coming to blogging, the major change that happened to my blog was getting self-hosted. I went from WP hosting to self-hosting –  my very own site. Being a developer and google web master, I couldn’t control myself. I felt like a child with loads of candies in my hand but not able to decide which one to eat first. Successfully bought my site down twice but backed it up within couple of minutes. From that point on, I stopped using the website as a testing and learning ground.

The other main thing was I participated in 3 full month marathons and stepped into next level of cooking and explored diabetic friendly recipes, slow cooking with slow cookers and that paved a way for my food research. Took a course in child nutrition and cooking and in 2016 I am hoping to take couple more. (Fingers Crossed)

I want to thank you all for all the support that you gave and without that I wouldn’t have been able to create this page called VVK Mentions. I don’t want to copy the content here again but all these awards and mentions came in 2015 and thanks a ton to all my readers and friends. 

I am still in the beginning and exploring level of food photography. Learning new stuff each and every day and trying to improve my pictures each and every day. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Also I wanted to thank my friend BM for giving her honest and valuable feedback. I have bugged her a lot but she patiently listened and replied back. Thanks a ton BM.  

According to google analytics, here are my top 5 posts of 2015.

I think I have done enough self-promotion. ;-) ;-)  But there were certain things that I wanted to complete in 2015 but I couldn’t complete them this year and carrying it forward to 2016. Hopefully I can get back to that list in 2016 :-) 

You will be reading my resolution post on Jan 1st and I am following the last year tradition this year too :-) Yes I am participating in the Blogathon and you can read about it here. So this Jan 2016, you will be seeing my posts every day  :-) With that said, I don’t want to bug you anymore. Hope you all had a great year and let’s welcome the New Year 2016.

Wishing You All a Very Happy And Prosperous New Year. See you all in 2016. 

PS: My recipe celery dosa has been nominated for the recipe of the year 2015 in SalisOnline Magazine. Now the recipe of the year will be selected by the voting process. Please cast your vote for my recipe “Celery Dosa” here. :-) TIA



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